GOP Rep Slams House Dems: Still Haven’t Launched Anti-Harassment Training After ‘100 Days of Dysfunction’

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A Republican on the House Administration Committee has asked his Democratic colleagues for an update on when members of Congress and their staff will take the #MeToo movement-inspired anti-harassment training, which has yet to be rolled out this Congress, the Washington Examiner reported.

Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) announced that he would be sending a letter to House Democrats on Monday asking about the status of the training.

“I think the House Administration Committee is just resembling what’s being done in the Democratic House leadership across the board,” Walker told the Examiner. “One hundred days of disappointment, I would add my own 100 days of dysfunction if you look at the different things.”

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The North Carolina Republican continued on to blast House Democrats before asking for an update on where the training stands:

“The 100 days of disappointment is a catchy buzzword, but this dysfunctionality is legitimate and I think this is just another area where we’re seeing it play out. I would just like to know where does it stand? Give us an update, how’s it coming along? But we’re getting no information on this.”

“I think it’s more about what’s right and what’s wrong issue more than anything else,” Walker added.

Walker, who was the chair of the Republican Study Committee caucus from 2017 to 2019, also said that he is “serious about this” and not just “looking for a win.”

“This is the United States House of Representatives. We ought to be able to get our act together and get this resolved,” he proclaimed.

A spokesman for the House Democrats on the committee told the Examiner that the House resolution “to require members to complete a training program on workplace rights and responsibilities has been introduced and will be considered shortly” and that the committee had been working to “update” the training.

The anti-harassment training was first implemented during the 115th Congress in response to allegations of misconduct during the #MeToo movement. The resolution passed in November 2017 required that “all Members, officers, and employees” complete the training within 30 days of its enactment.

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