Martha McSally May Be Arizona’s New Senate Appointee — The McCain Family Isn’t Too Happy

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey may be considering Martha McSally for a Senate appointment, but some of John McCain’s family seems to share a very different opinion.

After reports were released that pointed to McSally being considered for McCain’s vacated Senate seat, Meghan McCain’s husband took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

“McSally strikes me as an unwise choice for a number of reasons,” Ben Domenech said. “She’s like an NFL team that plays down to its opponents’ level – and she’ll be tasked with running for re-election immediately.”

McCain then retweeted the tweet, seeming to signify that she agreed with him. McSally also was criticized for not using McCain’s name at the signing of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal 2019.

However, the potential appointee allegedly tried to make amends while meeting with Cindy McCain so she could apologize. Although the two did not speak about the Senate appointment, sources claimed that McCain was grateful for McSally’s apology.

According to The Washington Post, the Arizona governor may be reconsidering his pick of McSally as a replacement senator due to her performance in the 2018 midterm elections. Due to Senator Jon Kyl stepping down by the end of the year, Ducey will have to make his appointment pick soon to fill the vacancy.


  1. I find this comment from Meghan McCain’s husband “and she’ll be tasked with running for re-election immediately.” a wee bit absurd. She would not be running for re-election any more “immediately” than anyone else the governor appoints to fill the empty seat.

  2. “The McCain Family”… they are a dynasty of some sort. He road his father’s coat tails , sold out his country, left his first wife to marry a wealthy woman who could finance his political ambitions, back-stabbed our President out of spiteful jealousy, lied to his constituents….repeatedly, and died an abject failure as far as I can tell. But, that’s between him and God at this point.

  3. Who would the McCains suggest instead of McSally? NOT one of them is governor.

    Here’s the thing about them. They are “celebrities” by association and have neither authority, accomplishments, nor anything but their personal opinions/prejudices. They are NOT a dynasty.

    This isn’t news and they really do not matter.

  4. The McCains have demonstrated that they are democrats to the core “rinos” to be sure…who cares what they want or think!

  5. …what’s BEST for the voters & US Citizens Arizona, not ONE Arizona family & their “Feelings” about the Gov. Appointing a Temp US Senator, it’s not as if McSally didn’t get any votes from Arizonians…

  6. It’s time the McCain family fell off the face of the Earth along with the Obamanation & Clinton families!!!
    No one cares what they think or say, John McCain MAY have had an honorable legacy,
    HOWEVER, he blew it ALL to hell with the way he acted and carried on and LIED during his final years!!!

  7. Since John McCain is the person responsible for the fact that we have no healthcare bill by the Republicans with his vote against it, and it may be the number one issue in 2020 they would be wise to keep quiet.

  8. Why does it matter what the McCain’s think?

    I have less issue with them posting about it on Twitter and more issue with it being the subject of a news article. Why is this news?

    1. It shows how the McCain’s really are. Selfish, stupid and greedy.

  9. The McCain family are being so petty and Cindy McCain must think that her husband was God’s gift to mankind , senator McCain did do some good things over the decades but right around the time he was diagnosed with the brain tumor he began to act very odd and should have retired but his hate for president Trump knew no bounds .

  10. Since when do the McCains run Az, the Senate or anything else in this country

  11. I live in Arizona and thrilled about Ms. McSally being our Senator. Sorry to say this but the McCains seem a little bitter about alot of things. They need to move on and accept that things have changed.

  12. John Mcshame is a traitor to America. He is now worm food! MAGA 2020!

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