Local Kids Were Chased by Ax-Wielding Man in a Mask — And He Had a Terrifying Warning

Some children in Arizona experienced the scare of a lifetime on a Wednesday afternoon.

Around 2 p.m., a tall, thin man hopped a fence in Glendale into the San Martin Apartments, AZFamily reported.

The unnamed suspect, wearing what looked like a Guy Fawkes mask, approached children who were playing with one another, according to the Daily Mail.

According to eyewitness reports, the masked attacker began to chase children about, ax in hand, threatening their safety.

Screenshot/ABC 15

One of the little boys named Dominic spoke to ABC 15 about the horrifying chase:

“I thought I was going to die today … I turned around and all of a sudden I see a clown go by and then he just starts running at me.”

Screenshot/ABC 15

Ruben Moody, another boy who was chased, revealed the haunting line the masked man told them:

“He said, ‘you better run because we are coming after you.'”

Parents of the young group recounted the incident as “really scary” and dismissed the possibility that this was a prank.

According to AZFamily, this is the second report of a masked subject just this week.

Sgt. Scott Waite with the Glendale Police Department told AZFamily they’re concerned that neighborhood children are now a target:

“We definitely are concerned that there’s possibly someone out there trying to hurt children.”

Police confirmed that while the mask and ax were found, no subject has been apprehended. While emotional and shaken, no kids were physically hurt.

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