Gaetz Rips Dems for ‘Standing in the Way of Progress’ Amid Reports of Plaguing GOP Border Bill With Riders

The office of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) ripped into House Democrats after it was revealed they were bogging down a big border appropriations bill by attaching riders that would reportedly “functionally nullify” current federal immigration laws.

According to a report by Fox News, multiple Republican sources familiar with the bill negotiations said that Democrats in the House have been introducing various controversial riders — provisions that “ride” a different measure into law as they would not likely pass Congress in their own stand-alone legislation — that would adversely affect current immigration law.

One source told Fox News that the riders were “radical” and “extreme” and would essentially “nullify” current immigration policies in the U.S.

“The actual texts of the proposals they’ve sent have contained provisions that would functionally nullify federal immigration law,” the source said.

A source said one rider reportedly would prevent interviews of migrants claiming asylum from being done by border security agents.

Two other sources explained that a different rider would allegedly stop the Department of Health and Human Services from using allocated funds to share information on the households of current and potential child migrant sponsors or the sponsors themselves.

Additionally, another rider reportedly provided protection against an unlawful immigrant’s illegal status from being used against them should they bring an unaccompanied child with them into the country and served as their sponsor.

“The child will be delivered to them without any reservation,” according to the report.

The source told Fox News:

“So we’d not only be protecting the child smuggling loop, we’d be advertising the child smuggling loop to illegal aliens throughout the United States who would in turn then be able to have confidence they could pay a smuggler in a transnational criminal organization to smuggle a child into the country that we would then tell them we would deliver to them regardless of the law-breaking involved.”

Another source said that a different rider would bring down the Migration Protection Protocols that allow for illegal immigrants to be turned over to Mexico as their immigration proceedings go on by removing the funding from the appropriate section of the law.

Gaetz’s office told IJR Red that the Democrats’ “radical demands” revealed how “fundamentally unserious” they are when it comes to tackling the situation down south, stating that “Republicans are ready to work on solutions.”

“Democrats’ radical demands show that they are fundamentally unserious about addressing the crisis on our southern border,” the congressman’s office said. “I hope the American people will see the sad truth: Republicans are ready to work on solutions, but Democrats continue standing in the way of progress.”

The legislative negotiations come as more and more migrants attempt to enter the country through the southern border.

As IJR Red previously reported, acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that the U.S. “encountered a modern record of 144,000 border crossers” and that “60,000 children have entered into DHS custody, both unaccompanied and as a part of family units” within the last 40 days.

President Donald Trump previously asked Congress to allocate $4.5 billion in funding to address the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told “Fox & Friends” on Monday that he is planning to force a vote on the president’s request next week.


  1. Which only proves that democrats are for open borders. Every time the deny something all you have to do is a little research and you will find once again they are lying to the American people. Ever hear the expression “you can fool some of the people some of the time….” You know the rest.

  2. The Democrats need to wake up and start supporting our country instead of subverting it!!! MMS

    1. Join the discussion…That has been the demoncraps goal since they were called Tories in 1776. They have constantly been trying to subvert this nation. Look at what they have done to this government and Trump. They only know how to lie and grab power.

  3. If we continued along the same path they have chosen, we would be “locked up” for violating laws, the constitution & obstructing justice. Why aren’t they held accountable?

  4. Enough of the chaos, the division, the schoolyard insults, the self-aggrandizement, the corruption, and especially the lies. So many lies — from white lies to whoppers — told out of ignorance, laziness, recklessness, expediency or opportunity.

  5. They can never give up on having as many illegals as possible enter to bolster the future of the party.

  6. The absurdity in D.C. is beyond the pale. Important bills are constantly being ridden into the dust bin because of
    inane attachments. Why pass immigration legislation if the bill destroys it’s own implementation?

  7. Time for allowing no riders on bills. One bill one subject. Put your vote in on it so everyone can see what you are for and what you are against.

  8. Time is near when every patriot that is harmed or killed by an illegal an obstructionist democrat that has aided illegals to gain entry into the USA should suffer the same consequences as the citizen patriot received from the illegal aliens

  9. I continue to wonder WHY those formerly known as “Democrats” are also referred to as “Progressives”. There is NOTHING “Progressive” within that Party except the “progress” they hope to gain with the POWER and CONTROL over every facet of our lives and the elimination of our freedoms.

    Looking back at Carter (#39), Clinton (#42) and best of all Barry Soetoro (#44), NONE could be considered “Progressives”; only “Regressives”.

    1. Jesus would have been murdered before his second birthday of ancient Egypt had the same immigration laws as our vindictive baby president.

      1. That is an ingenious comparison. NO CHILDREN ARE BEING MURDERED BY OUR PRESIDENT OR DUE TO HIS POLICIES. I am working with them and they are WELL cared for!

      2. Daniel, you are stealing oxygen.
        Cease and desist.

      3. BS – he would’ve been murdered under Herrod’s decree (his own country). He was allowed into Egypt until Herrod died, then RETURNED TO HIS OWN COUNTRY AFTER THE DANGER HAD PASSED. There are currently no “kill the baby” sections in U.S. Immigration law – unless they’re pregnant. THEN they can murder the baby with impugnity!

      4. Your illustration shows your complete misunderstanding of scripture and the ways laws are made in the US. Keep reading the Bible and you will learn that Jesus was supernaturally protected many times throughout His life. He would not have been murdered before His second birthday or His 33rd under any circumstances other than when, why and how He gave His life.
        You also mischaracterized President Trump. By your comment you are the immature vindictive one.

      5. I think the president is doing well, he is only following the immigration laws that are already on the books. The illegals invading this country are not following the immigration laws at all. If you don’t like the laws call you members in Congress and demand that they make changes. Why are you blaming the president for something that is the fault of Congress? Look up the 3 branches of government and their functions.

    2. I dunno bill progressed a cigar into an interns lady bits I’d consider him the only progressive in the group Obama progressed racism back to its former glory also so those two are rather progressive lol.

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