Gaetz Rips Dems for Failing to Help Fix Border After AOC, 2020 Dem’s ‘Outrageous’ Holocaust Comparisons

Fox News/YouTube

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) claimed that some Democrats would rather use shocking comments instead of fixing problems at the border during an interview with Fox News on Thursday.

“It’s indicative of what is going on the primary side of the Democratic Party. Each [candidate] is trying to be a little more outrageous to get attention,” Gaetz said, referencing Marianne Williamson saying that ICE was like 1930s Nazis.

The representative pointed out that people should avoid comparing the crisis to something so horrific.

“We should never compare the challenges we face today to the extermination of six million Jews,” Gaetz said. “When we do that, when we invoke the Holocaust or concentration camps with great frequency, then it undermines and trivializes the true horror that existed at that time.”

Gaetz brought up Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) comments, saying he agreed that something had to change with the system.

“When I look at my colleague Alexandria’s comments, I would certainly agree that the conditions in a lot of these border processing centers are horrible. It is the worst state of the human condition that I have ever witnessed.”


He sympathized with the fact that her comments crossed a line, but he still believes that she should have walked back her statement.

“In politics, many of us can use language that goes over the line, I’m certainly not immune to that,” Gaetz said. “But I think that when we do make mistakes we need to own up to them and clarify our remarks.”

As IJR Red reported, a bill to give humanitarian aid to the border was presented to Congress. However, Gaetz claimed that disagreements between parties may be causing the opposition.

“And that’s why I just don’t understand,” said Gaetz. “I know there’s a lot of disagreement about the wall and asylum laws, but why is it that Democrats are opposing the president’s request, at least to have the humanitarian assistance so that we don’t have these deaths.”

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David Mulloy
David Mulloy

As long as Dems can Point the Finger at POTUS and Republicans, The Don’t Really care how many actually Die; As Long as Dems can hold on to power, that is all that matters!


There will never be an agreement regarding the Invaders and illegal crossings as long as Trump is in the WH. The Left continues and will continue to throw their infantile temper tantrums because Trump beat out their sickly, radicalized, inept and socially unfit woman from NY for the job in the Oval Office. Add to that the demise of the Democratic Party and its’ replacement being Socialism where George Soros’ money and his Open Society agenda Worldwide dictate open borders which would include all US citizen Rights for and violating our sovereignty by the Illegal Alien Invading force. This problem… Read more »





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