Gaetz Blasts the Left for Using Trump as a ‘Scapegoat’ and Not Confronting ‘the Real Challenges That We Have’

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) put the Democrats on blast for choosing to use President Donald Trump as a “scapegoat” for the recent shootings rather than dealing with the “real challenges” facing America.

During an interview on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” Gaetz was asked for his thoughts on the “narrative” surrounding the two shootings that rocked the nation recently.

As IJR News previously reported, 22 individuals had their lives taken in a mass shooting at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas, and nine people — including the shooter — were killed in a separate attack in Dayton, Ohio over the weekend.

Gaetz blasted the “left” for using the president as a “scapegoat” and not addressing the “real challenges” behind what happened, such as “the collapse of fatherhood” in America and websites in the “dark recesses of the internet” propagating hatred.

“Right now we have a left that is unwilling in America to confront the real challenges that we have. Whether it’s the collapse of fatherhood in our country — you look at these mass shooters, very rarely did you see a positive, productive relationship with a father figure. You also see dark recesses of the Internet harboring and fuming this type of hate.

And rather than deal with those things, it’s just easier for the political left to scapegoat the president, to defame, to demoralize, to delegitimize those who are actually trying to come up with solutions.”

Watch the video here:

He went on to say that he believes the American people have seen “a president eager to comfort” those affected by the tragedies and who was “open-minded” towards solutions to prevent future events like the shootings.

Gaetz also pointed out that the “extreme elements of violence” are not limited to just one side of the political spectrum.

“But if we’ve seen anything from the shooting at the Republican baseball practice to the [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren/Antifa supporter in Dayton, to the person that claimed to have a very hateful, right-wing ideology in El Paso,” continued Gaetz. “The extreme elements of violence do not have monogamy with any one political agenda.”

“And I’m grateful we have a president who’s willing to call out hate and who’s trying to pave the way to a really more accepting country,” added the Florida congressman.

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General Confusion

“Plain and simple, Obama KILLED this country and our values and what we held dear, like, our Lord God and our American flag , he let subhumans into this country (Muslims) to inflict their way of life on our cities and states by moving in and taking over” etcetera, etcetera Mary Holy CRAP, Mary, you are way more than confused – you are out to lunch! As for the 11 up-voters, probably the same goes for them, too. First of all, you do realize that the Muslim Abrahamic god is the same as the Christian Abrahamic god, right? Right? You… Read more »

General Confusion

“Sorry, General Confusion, but it is people like YOU who need to educate yourselves more thoroughly and NOT by watching CNN, MSNBC and the likes, because it is YOU PEOPLE that are WRONG in this country!!!” Mary Ridosh-Spalding You are confused, Mary. All I did was list the facts and what I see as the results. You can disagree with my conclusions, but you did not counter any one of them with any sort negating argument. Based on that, I have to conclude that you are afraid of the truth and don’t like what you see in your mirror. Nice… Read more »

Mary Ridosh-Spalding

Plain and simple, Obama KILLED this country and our values and what we held dear, like, our Lord God and our American flag , he let subhumans into this country (Muslims) to inflict their way of life on our cities and states by moving in and taking over, NOT conforming to American way of life but, trying to inflict theirs upon us, and we do have those degenerates, born in this country that are turning to follow them!!! They have infiltrated the government offices by getting voted into congress to start their agenda, which is to destroy America from within,… Read more »

william jackson

D-RATs continue pedal a stationary bicycle furiously . Going nowhere, accomplishing nothing, wasting time and sadly—– ignoring the needs & desires of the American populace. This is a pathetic performance by a group of hypnotized lemmings, marching in lock step in accordance with the D-RAT party line. Reminds me of Nazi brown shirts—they knew their behavior was immoral & illegal, but stayed the course anyway. Shame on the Nazi-like



Barry had 32 mass shootings on his watch of which Sandy Hook School, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando and the Dallas Police shootings were the most notable. I cannot recall Barry and Mike going to ANY of the murder scenes as Trump and Melania have done to each one to comfort the victims' friends and relatives and listen to their stories. Certainly shows who has the compassion for the American people and who is just along for the freebies.


Why isn’t the Left pointing fingers at Obozo, who had at least 14 shootings, seven related to Muslim extremists?

Oh right. Double-standards and not keeping with the Bad Orange Man narrative.

Shira Levin

I agree 💯 per cent with Gaetz. Finger pointing helps no one. Too easy to blame President Trump. Plus there is a double standard at work. I don’t recall any finger pointing and blaming the President when mass shootings happened during Obama’s watch.


The democrats have no solutions other than taking our guns. All the while calling for violence against conservatives. How can you work with someone who doesn’t give a damn about solving the problem.





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