Matt Gaetz Thrown Out of Meeting Where He Doesn’t Belong

Matt Gaetz

Congressman Matt Gaetz was handed a disappointment on Monday when he was tossed out of a meeting in the House of Representatives.

The House Committees on Oversight, Intelligence, and Foreign Affairs committees were holding a closed hearing with Fiona Hill — President Trump’s former adviser on Russia. Despite the fact that he does not sit on any of the committees, Gaetz tried to work his way into the hearing by claiming that he sits on the House Judiciary Committee.

Once removed from the Fiona Hill testimony, the Florida lawmaker quickly found a few cameras and set off to complain about the situation. He told reporters, “appeared just to participate, just to observe as a member of Congress, as a member of the Judiciary Committee. Traditionally, the Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over impeachment.”

He went on to complain about House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and said “I guess the question is: ‘why is Adam Schiff trying to run a kangaroo court? Why is he continuing to limit access to evidence?'”

Reportedly, when Schiff asked to get Gaetz out of the room, they ended up consulting the House parliamentarian, who also ruled that Gaetz had to leave.

Gaetz is known mostly for his role as a loyal follower of Donald Trump. Earlier this summer, the House Ethics Committee announced that it was looking into Gaetz after he threatened a congressional witness in a tweet.

House Democrats have been fearful that closed-door testimonies will lead to Trump’s loyalists in Congress running to the White House to tell Trump everything that happened. They even floated ideas that included having witnesses disguised, according to the Washington Post.


  1. Why are the demoncraps having closed door meetings on impeachment of the President? Could it be that only behind closed doors with no witnesses can they intimidate their “witnesses” and concoct charges against President Trump?

  2. LOL….Gaetz does another nonsensical act and the best banstan can come up with is to attempt to distract with an attack on the journalist. — That is rather pitiful.

    1. Back to where i said a conservative site is not going to invest in quality writers who are left leaning.

  3. Hey there, Phoenix. Think you missed my point. I was talking about alex thomas and the FACT that he cannot be totally honest about anything he writes about. ALWAYS has to avail himself the use of hyperbole, innuendo and out-right lies. Gaetz’ stupidity SHOULD have been an easy target for a writer with smallest amount of talent, but alex missed the lay-up and committed a foul on the rebound. He just can’t help himself. Sam Dorman he is NOT. And he has yet to reach the level of BS to even be considered a partisan hack, which by ALL evidence shown, is his goal in life.

    1. I would agree with you on Alex. IJR Blue always has shotty writers. Always. It isn’t easy finding left leaning writers on a right leaning news site.

      You and I have a way different opinion on Sam Dorman though. He was terrible. He posted the EXACT same video on every article even vaguely related to abortion. Both writers are so partisan their articles are usually garbage.

  4. “by claiming that he sits on the House Judiciary Committee.” You bull knows no bounds, alex. Last I looked, he IS a member of the House Judiciary Committee. You still have a ways to go to get to the level of partisan hack, alex.

    1. Being on the house judiciary committee wasn’t the problem – he wasn’t in the House Committees on Oversight, Intelligence, and Foreign Affairs which was why he was removed.

      So basically, he tried to get into Sam’s club with a gym card. Being a member of one does not make you a member of another. 😉

  5. For a kangaroo court, there sure seems to be a lot of progress. Bolton to Trump adviser Fiona Hill (about Trump and Giuliani’s pressure campaign): ““I am not part of whatever drug deal Rudy and Mulvaney are cooking up.”

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