Acting AG Matt Whitaker Caught in a Lie About Earning Academic All-American Honors In His College Football Years

This doesn’t look great

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President Donald Trump’s acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker has been garnering publicity for a lot of bizarre reasons and the latest report is just as ridiculous as the rest — Whitaker, according to the Wall Street Journal, has been lying about earning academic All-American honors while he was a college football player at the University of Iowa.

Trump’s temporary pick to replace former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was boasting on his resume, as recently as 2014, that he was an academic All-American. He also claimed to have earned the honor in a 2010 application for a judgeship.

Whitaker claimed to have been an academic All-American in 1992, but the organization associated with it doesn’t list him among their honorees, though another Iowa player is on the list. A spokesperson for the organization told the Journal that they don’t have any record of Whitaker ever being an All-American.

A player must earn a 3.3 GPA to be considered as an All-American, per the Journal. It seems that Whitaker did earn other, lower honors, including Academic all-Big Ten awards.

Since he was tapped for the acting Attorney General post, Whitaker’s bizarre past has been an object of speculation and occasional ridicule. At one point, he was with a company that patented toilets for men with larger-than-average penises — the “masculine toilet” was supposed to ensure that their genitals didn’t touch the toilet bowl.

Whitaker is just generally a college athlete who never seems to have outgrown his college athlete days (and, it turns out, lies about them). His Twitter handle is @MattWhitaker46 because his football jersey number in college was 46. His cover photo on Twitter is of him lifting weights and he has a tattoo in Japanese on his arm that reads “fall down 7 times, get up 8.”

Whitaker was a tight end at Iowa and only played for two years — 1990 to 1992, which somehow makes his fraudulent All-American claim even sadder.

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Rocky Drummond

It sounds as if his ambition has gotten the better of him.

However, low-rise toilets are definitely annoying.

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