Acting AG Matthew Whitaker: ‘Constitutional Crisis’ Would Erupt If Mueller Investigates Trump’s Finances

New acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker has an exhaustive history of publicly criticizing special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, which he now oversees, saying in 2017 that it would create a “conditional crisis” if the probe reared into President Donald Trump’s finances or those close to him.

“If [Mueller] is going to look at financial information and potential financial crimes, unrelated to the 2016 election and the alleged Russian coordination, I think that would be — not only did Trump call that a red line, I think that would be completely inconsistent with our system on justice,” Whitaker, a former federal prosecutor and two-time failed political candidate, said in an interview on Chicago morning radio show “Morning Answer” in August 2017.

“If it just turns into a fishing expedition where they are going to look at everybody and try to just do whatever they can to start charging people with crimes, that’s a legitimate constitutional crisis and inconsistent with the 4th Amendment and the very basic nature that we are free people,” the acting attorney general added.

The newly appointed AG, who reportedly has no plans to recuse himself from the Russia investigation during his time serving at the Justice Department, also expressed concern over what Mueller looking into Trump could mean for the future.

“Are we entering a new culture where every time we have a new president and the establishment doesn’t like him that we just investigate until we can find crimes for those surrounding him,” Whitaker said.

At one point in the interview, a radio host asked Whitaker if Mueller is “in search of a crime or is he trying to prove a crime? Or a little bit of both?”

“That’s a great question. And it’s very hard to tell,” the acting AG replied, arguing that Mueller’s team continues to leak information on the investigation to make them seem “more productive and on top of things.” 


Whitaker’s comments on “Morning Answer” echo a CNN Op-Ed from December 2017 where he argued that the Mueller investigation was coming “dangerously close to crossing” a red line after reports suggested that the probe was looking into Trump’s finances.

The piece also makes the case that Mueller does not have “far-reaching powers in this investigation.”

Other comments from Whitaker’s past have made headlines since taking over for Jeff Sessions, including saying back in August 2017 that “there was no collusion with the Russians and the Trump campaign,” as reported by The Daily Beast.

CNN’s K-File also found comments by Whitaker from 2017 calling Mueller’s appointment “ridiculous” and “a little fishy.”

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Rocky Drummond

“it would create a “Constitutional crisis” if the probe reared into President Donald Trump’s finances…”

Only in your mind, Whitaker, only in your mind. Trump is doing everything that he can to show that he did something that he needs to hide. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, acts the way Trump does if he isn’t guilty of something. If Trump was innocent, he would say go ahead do your worst. Whitaker is just a lackey, someone who promised loyalty to him & not this country or the Constitution.


Hey Meathead! IF Russians gave money or other things to Trump before the election, they could still be connected to getting him elected! Were you really a prosecutor, cause you don’t sound like one! Let Mueller finish. He seems to have been the only person in Washington that just does his job without any political agenda in doing so – let the truth come out and it might set you free!

I. Chin

1. Whitaker doesn’t look like Mike Stivic (Carl Reiner) one bit. I’d bet you don’t resemble Archie.
2. So, from your own imaginary career as a prosecutor, federal or otherwise, you are qualified to queston an actual prosecutor’s qualications or mission?

Rocky Drummond

Mueller’s mandate is broad. ORDER NO. 3915-2017
By virtue of the authority vested in me as Acting Attorney General, including 28 U.S.C.
§§ 509, 510, and 515, in order to discharge my responsibility to provide supervision and
management of the Department of Justice, and to ensure a full and thorough investigation of the
Russian government’s efforts to … bla-bla-bla

I. Chin

It’s the bla-bla-bla part that is NEVER a part of a prosecutorial esaminatkon.

I’ll take the words of ACTUAL experienced prosecutors (e.g. Trey Gowdy, Andrew McCarthy, etc.) that this is a snipe hunt. The first failing is this: exactly what crime has Trump committed? Beating out the twice-failed history? Being the scapegoat for the Dimocratic failure to accept election results?

Please elaborate.

Rocky Drummond

It’s the all important bla-bla-bla part that explains what Mueller’s full mandate is. You have the order number, to read it yourself, since the whole document is too big to c&p here.

I. Chin

So what exactly IS the bla-bla part? My time is precious and YOU brought up the citation. It’s possible for you to split over posts.

Please enlighten all of us with your knowledge.

Rocky Drummond

In the time that you wasted posting that you could have found and read the whole document.


ST, Rocky sounds like a reincarnated John Sharpenstupid.

I. Chin

RisR, Rockhead is either too stupid and/or too lazy to support whatever point he’s trying to make. Obviously putting in a link or cutting & pasting over several posts is TOO complicated for him.

He has NO idea how quickly his posts can be scanned and determined worthless.

I’ll treat them as such going forward.

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