Mattis Shares Why He Won’t Criticize Trump Amid the ‘Rabid Nature of Politics’

On why he won’t take swipes at President Donald Trump, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis declared that he won’t “speak ill of a sitting president.”

During an interview with CBS “Sunday Morning,” the former defense secretary said, “I will not speak ill of a sitting president. I’m not going to do it.”

“He’s an unusual president, our president is,” he added. “And I think that especially with just the rabid nature of politics today we gotta be careful. We could tear this country apart.”

Mattis — who resigned from his defense secretary position in December of 2018 — also made it clear that he wouldn’t be running in the 2020 presidential election, saying the race is “like a five-year jail sentence.”

Watch Mattis’ interview below:

Additionally, Mattis told The Atlantic that he wouldn’t be knocking Trump because of “the duty of silence.” He later added though that the silence is “not eternal.”

“If you leave an administration, you owe some silence,” he said. “When you leave an administration over clear policy differences, you need to give the people who are still there as much opportunity as possible to defend the country.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Mattis penned an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal on Aug. 28 where he wrote, “What concerns me most as a military man is not our external adversaries; it is our internal divisiveness.”

“We all know that we’re better than our current politics,” he wrote. “Tribalism must not be allowed to destroy our experiment.”

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Phyllis Softa

I agree with Mattis on a number of points. The “internal divisiveness” and the “tribalism” are serious threats. If each of the posters praising Mattis used his formula when SELECTING (voting for) a leader, we will be putting the country on a path to restoring sanity. Mattis narrows it down to 3 C’s. Competence, Caring, and Conviction.


Finally someone who has values, wisdom, and class to show the whiners how to behave.


Mattis embodies the best values of the military, loyalty, discipline, AND putting the country first. He’s the opposite of so many other ex-admin/staff who rushed to publish a book for profit/attention.

Bless him and those like him. As Otis said, it’s too bad we don’t have many more like him. Our country needs that.

Bonnie Keever

This man is off the chart smart on this note Trump needed this man and should of kept him

MariaRose Randazzo

James Comey needs to learn about patriotism from this man.


General/Secretary Mattis is a patriot. God bless him in whatever he chooses to do in this life. We need more people like him.





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