Waters Is Getting What She Demanded With Mueller Report — Still Calls AG Barr a ‘Lackey’ for Trump


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) went after Attorney General William Barr, despite his gearing up to release the Mueller report as she wanted, during a Wednesday night interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

“I never expected Barr to do anything that would be respectful to the members of Congress or to include us in any real way,” Waters, citing her dissatisfaction that Barr is holding a press conference before releasing the report to Congress.

She claimed that he was helping President Donald Trump by saying there would be no more indictment based on the report:

“He has proven himself. He auditioned for this job. He was chosen to protect the president of the United States and that’s exactly what he’s doing. I’m not surprised, I’m not even disgusted because I knew that once he came out and he said there had been no obstruction of justice and that there’d been no collusion that he absolutely stepped out early to defend the president.”

Waters also slammed Barr as “basically a lackey and a sycophant for the president of the United States of America.”


However, before Barr announced that the report was to be released, Waters said she would push for the report.

“I know that you are all worried about the special counsel and the fact that we have a report that has been described to us in a letter by the attorney general. We don’t know what’s in the report yet, and we’re going to demand it,” Waters said at a Woman’s National Democratic Club dinner in April.

Yet now that the report is being released, Waters continues to push the collusion narrative. She has been an outspoken critic of Trump, saying, “certainly, he conspired with the Kremlin and with the oligarchs of Russia.”

As IJR Red reported, the lawmaker has made repeated claims in the past that the president colluded with Russia, despite the evidence pointing otherwise. Once the report is released, it is uncertain if Waters will continue with her statements.

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