Maxine Waters Completely Loses It on Twitter, Claims ‘Trump Is an Embarrassing Un-American Traitor’

Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) put her hatred for President Donald Trump on full display in a Twitter rant Tuesday night.

Waters has never been a fan of Trump. As IJR previously reported, she has called for his impeachment several times since he took office. She also encouraged her supporters to accost members of the Trump administration in public to make sure they know “they’re not welcome.”

Despite her own behavior, Waters called out the president for his comments on North Korea and former Vice President Joe Biden. On Tuesday night, Trump addressed the fact that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un called Biden a “low IQ idiot,” a spin on Trump’s comment that Biden was a “low IQ individual.”

Trump joked on Twitter that he was actually defending Biden by not calling him an “idiot,” adding, “Who could possibly be upset with that?”

Waters had no time for Trump to make light of Kim’s comments. She took to Twitter and completely unloaded on the president, calling him a “traitor” and demanding his resignation.

The congresswoman even claimed that Trump wants to “be a dictator” like Kim, adding that she thinks the president is “totally out of control.”

After calling out Trump for his comments on the former vice president, she went to her insult grab bag and threw any insult she could think of at the president.

Several people took to Twitter to mock Waters for her lengthy rant against Trump.

Waters serves as the chair of the House Financial Services Committee. She has made it clear that a top priority of her committee is getting the president’s personal tax forms. The congresswoman has already successfully subpoenaed Trump’s personal financial records from Wells Fargo Bank, TD Bank, and Deutsche Bank — though Trump has appealed the ruling.

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Trump should be impeached as soon as possible..he’s an embarrassment to America. A liar, an adulter, a manipulative person…Get him out..j

Chad Evans

I would be amazed if Rep. Waters would actually pursue something that would actually benefit the American people. Having POTUS’s tax forms won’t do a thing for the American people. She’s pictured in the Webster’s under UNHINGED.


Seriously though, how can anyone take this woman seriously? She was indicted for diverting TARP funds to her husband’s bank. How convenient. Yet she now chairs the Finance Committee. Congress has zero shame.


James Brown called. He wants his wig back.

She’s a bad joke and will be back to screeching for impeachment by tomorrow. This is just her attempt to use a line of attack others have already opened. She’s neither original nor bright, just corrupt.





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