Maxine Waters Feels ‘Vindicated’ After Pelosi Finally Caves on Impeachment

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is expressing her apparent excitement over the House speaker’s launch of an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made the announcement of the impeachment inquiry on Tuesday evening following escalating calls from her Democratic colleagues.

The launch came after a whistleblower’s complaint alleged that Trump asked the Ukrainian president to dig up information on political rival Joe Biden (D) and that the president withheld military aid in doing so. Pelosi’s announcement came prior to the release of the president’s phone call transcript and the public release of the whistleblower’s report.

Asked by BuzzFeed News about Pelosi launching a formal impeachment inquiry and if “any part of [her] just [wanted] to go, ‘I told you so,'” Waters said, “Yeah … A lot of me wanted to do it.”

“I have to be subtle about it because it is not considered acceptable to get in somebody’s face after you have really made the argument and won,” she added.

When asked if she feels “vindicated” on the pursuit of Trump’s impeachment, Waters responded, “Absolutely, absolutely.”

The California Democrat has called for Trump to be impeached. She previously claimed that the president is a “criminal,” as IJR reported.

See Waters’ comments below:

As IJR previously reported, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) posted a video on Twitter that called congressional Democrats out on their impeachment calls by reminding them of their past remarks.

Waters was among those Democratic lawmakers who previously criticized Republicans for impeachment calls, claiming they’re “driven by hatred.”

Additionally, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) previously said, “No impeachment should proceed without bipartisan support.” He added, “Impeachment of a president is an undoing of a national election.”

Pelosi also suggested at the time that Republicans are “paralyzed with hatred” of former President Bill Clinton.

Scalise wrote in response to the flip-flop views on impeachment: “Their hypocrisy is unbelievable.”


  1. Love the photo. She looks like an aged Mrs. Potatohead. But Mrs. Potatohead is actually smarter.

  2. To think this crazy old broad is happy that a sitting President is going to possibly have an impeachment inquiry? How about the effect this will have on our country you spiteful hag? Let’s hope the Republicans take back the House, keep the Senate and of course President Trump wins. I hope they
    make Nadler, Schiff, Waters, Pelosi, the Squads etal lives a living nightmare. Investigate everything these bottom feeders do.

  3. Disgusting wench, Hypocritical for this dirt bag to say “I have to be subtle about it because it is not considered acceptable to get in somebody’s face..” now that is complete BS coming from this old—ugly—bag of bones. Mad Max = Frikin Liar!

  4. As a Californian, I will feel vindicated when this black moron is no longer in Congress. She has been called out four times for unethical behavior yet remains in office. She lives in a $4.5 mansion in Hancock Park some 12 miles outside of her “shit hole” district of Watts, showing the citizens in her district she can violate the rules of her office and that they are unfit to live around…yet she continues to get reelected by black stupidity. Her husband is on the board of a bank and their pockets have been obviously laced with ill-gotten gains. Or, are we supposed to pretend that on her $175,000 salary she can afford a Los Angeles office, living quarters in Washington, fly back and forth to Washington and pay the property taxes each year that are over $40,000 while she employs her daughter to the tune of $300,000? SHE NEEDS TO BE FORCED TO DISCLOSE HER TAX RETURNS! Now she heads the banking committee, it’s like handing the keys to the hen house to the wolf. Most people in Los Angeles hate this woman and think she is a loud mouth hypocrite with bad taste, bad manners and bad behavior. A pox on her and her husband, I will be totally vindicate when she drops dead and becomes a bad memory…

  5. Is it only Democrats who allowed to pursue possible corruption? I do not see any thing in the conversation that warrants impeachment. It seem to me that the Democrats are attempting to cover up politically embarrassing
    possible illegal actions by the Obama administration and Biden.

    1. Possibly, but they are certainly the only ones allowed to make Schiff up to justify their actions against a duly elected president.

  6. “it is not considered acceptable to get in somebody’s face”. I can’t stay far enough away from HER face.

    1. And like dumb fish, the Dems are too stupid to realize that they bit hook, line and sinker.

  7. She needs to get a new road kill hat. She’s been calling for impeachment since before the inauguration. Watch the Democrats screw themselves with the witch hunt.

    1. You can be guaranteed the dimwits will come up with another way to harass the President and try to impeach him. #SoreLosers.

      1. They already have. It’s called the DEMOCRAT INQUISITION. Wait until he appoints another judge to the SCOTUS.

  8. Cherl,

    Smart move on the replies. Some either haven’t learned or maliciously reply to remove/hide other comments.

    Remember that there are jackasses on one side and traitorous jackals on the other. Yet Trump has either accomplished much of what he promised or is working on it. Despite the obstruction and harassment.

    -The economy.
    -Calling China to task.
    -Making our NATO “allies” live up to their obligations or shaming them for it. —Forcing Mexico to stop it’s immigration turnstile.
    -Making the US a net-exporter of oil/natural gas for the first time since Eisenhower. (this also allows to meaningfully reduce engagement with the ME shithole while supporting Israel)

    I’m still waiting for the wall, whatever form it takes, even if it means minefields and snipers. BUT he’s finally made all the players choose sides and the voters DO notice.

  9. *Screwtape*
    Because one never knows where a reply will ended up….I repeat myself
    With these yapping hyenas continually nipping at his heels it is amazing what he accomplishes. And accomplish he does. Have never seen anything like it and I have been voting for presidents for over 35 years. He has my vote in 2020. That’s for sure.

  10. Cherl,

    Stupid, low=information voters. They haven’t even noticed she does NOT live in her district.

    It’s another deflection/misdirection from Biden’s alleged Quid Pro Joe. Why isn’t THAT being investigated?

    It’s also a Hail Mary for the Dims. Even the not-a-particle-physicist Al Green admits they have no candidate that can beat Trump in 2020.
    – Wall St. promises to defectfrom the Dims if Seated Bull gets the nomination.
    – More minorities and women, particularly single-parent households, are now working as a result of Trump’s policies.

    -Blame America First!
    -more taxes, laws, and government
    -free stuff for illlegals
    -open borders

    This will be an interesting contest of ideologies.

    1. With these yapping hyenas continually nipping at his heels it is amazing what he accomplishes. And accomplish he does. Have never seen anything like it and I have been voting for presidents for over 35 years. He has my vote in 2020. That’s for sure.

  11. How does such a hateful, mean spirited woman with a bad wig rise to such power? Now she doesn’t want to say “ I told you so”. Told what? This will go down the same path as the Mueller faux investigation. Many of these ridiculous morons have been planning President Trump’s downfall since the minute that they found that old Hillary lost.

  12. Crooked Maxine who belongs behind bars. Yeah, like she has any credibility. Notta.

  13. Is hard to believe that this creature has such power in the country.Really quite sad that America has fallen this far.

  14. She’s an old broad who should be retired instead she wants to destroy this country. Well it is California which is full of sad cases.

  15. Ugly old hag—inside and out—-looking at her, triggers the gagging reflex.

  16. What an ignorant, disgusting witch. ? Pathetically stupid with lip flapping asinine protestations and corrupt actions she is. And she’s ugly as dog diarrhea to boot.? Laughingly pathetic.?

  17. Trying to imagine a photo of her showcasing Rouhanie’s Turban!! She could probably pull a rabbit or a peach out of it!!

    1. Doesn’t her district include Compton? I’m thinking hub cap not rabbit.

  18. Mad Max should take her James Brown wig reject and crawl under a rock where she belongs. That women
    is just plain goofy

  19. Comments about Max’s “lifelike” appearance aside (she wishes she had the top-quality necromancers Nancy uses), this is ALL about her NOT the country or government.

    IF (big IF) impeachment passes the House, then 100 senators get to decide the 2020 elections. Not millions of voters.

    That’s a bit more important than a low-achievement corruptocrat calling attention to herself.

  20. When this blows up in their faces, and it will!!! All of them will be crying about something!!!!!! A wild guess, ALL THE FACTS WERE NOT PRESENTED!!!!!!!!! If all of this wasn’t so pathetic, I might be laughing about it!!!!!! The dims just can’t get over the rigged election so Clinton would win, and THE AMERICAN PEOPLE showed their voices when they voted!!!!! There are states out there, and Mad Max’s state is one of them, that are passing laws that go against the United States Constitution!!!! For example, you can not be on the ballot for president, unless you show 5 years of income tax returns, nothing in the Constitution states that!!!! They are all really sick!!!!!!!

  21. Mad Maxine believes it is only acceptable to get in the face of Republicans.

  22. Have to give the wax artist who worked on Mad Max props for making her appear so lifelike. They even made her appear slightly less bull frog like in her happiness. That’s artistry, IMO.

    1. I think they took a likeness of James Brown, complete with wig, and put it in the oven.

  23. THAT is one sickly looking heifer – – or did she just recently die and refuses to fall over?

    1. I knew an master practitioner who embalmed and posed a swami’s body in the lotus position, anything is possible.

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