Maxine Waters Feels ‘Vindicated’ After Pelosi Finally Caves on Impeachment

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is expressing her apparent excitement over the House speaker’s launch of an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made the announcement of the impeachment inquiry on Tuesday evening following escalating calls from her Democratic colleagues.

The launch came after a whistleblower’s complaint alleged that Trump asked the Ukrainian president to dig up information on political rival Joe Biden (D) and that the president withheld military aid in doing so. Pelosi’s announcement came prior to the release of the president’s phone call transcript and the public release of the whistleblower’s report.

Asked by BuzzFeed News about Pelosi launching a formal impeachment inquiry and if “any part of [her] just [wanted] to go, ‘I told you so,'” Waters said, “Yeah … A lot of me wanted to do it.”

“I have to be subtle about it because it is not considered acceptable to get in somebody’s face after you have really made the argument and won,” she added.

When asked if she feels “vindicated” on the pursuit of Trump’s impeachment, Waters responded, “Absolutely, absolutely.”

The California Democrat has called for Trump to be impeached. She previously claimed that the president is a “criminal,” as IJR reported.

See Waters’ comments below:

As IJR previously reported, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) posted a video on Twitter that called congressional Democrats out on their impeachment calls by reminding them of their past remarks.

Waters was among those Democratic lawmakers who previously criticized Republicans for impeachment calls, claiming they’re “driven by hatred.”

Additionally, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) previously said, “No impeachment should proceed without bipartisan support.” He added, “Impeachment of a president is an undoing of a national election.”

Pelosi also suggested at the time that Republicans are “paralyzed with hatred” of former President Bill Clinton.

Scalise wrote in response to the flip-flop views on impeachment: “Their hypocrisy is unbelievable.”

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Tom Bodine

So you can feel something without brain function.

Dave Hardesty

Love the photo. She looks like an aged Mrs. Potatohead. But Mrs. Potatohead is actually smarter.

Betsy Lawson

To think this crazy old broad is happy that a sitting President is going to possibly have an impeachment inquiry? How about the effect this will have on our country you spiteful hag? Let’s hope the Republicans take back the House, keep the Senate and of course President Trump wins. I hope they
make Nadler, Schiff, Waters, Pelosi, the Squads etal lives a living nightmare. Investigate everything these bottom feeders do.

william jackson

Disgusting wench, Hypocritical for this dirt bag to say “I have to be subtle about it because it is not considered acceptable to get in somebody’s face..” now that is complete BS coming from this old—ugly—bag of bones. Mad Max = Frikin Liar!


As a Californian, I will feel vindicated when this black moron is no longer in Congress. She has been called out four times for unethical behavior yet remains in office. She lives in a $4.5 mansion in Hancock Park some 12 miles outside of her “shit hole” district of Watts, showing the citizens in her district she can violate the rules of her office and that they are unfit to live around…yet she continues to get reelected by black stupidity. Her husband is on the board of a bank and their pockets have been obviously laced with ill-gotten gains. Or,… Read more »


Is it only Democrats who allowed to pursue possible corruption? I do not see any thing in the conversation that warrants impeachment. It seem to me that the Democrats are attempting to cover up politically embarrassing
possible illegal actions by the Obama administration and Biden.


“it is not considered acceptable to get in somebody’s face”. I can’t stay far enough away from HER face.


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL – they took the bait





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