Maxine Waters Is Pretty Sure That Vladimir Putin Invaded North Korea

During a press conference on Monday, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) speculated how President Donald Trump could have a relationship with someone as awful as Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Waters cited various nefarious behaviors exhibited by Putin to prove her point. The only problem? She seemed confused as to where Putin has — and has not — been.

The congresswoman was quick to condemn Putin for “supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families,” but she couldn’t quite remember where that happened. Fortunately, a reporter was able to supply her with the answer: Aleppo.

While Waters’s “Gary Johnson-esque” Aleppo slip wasn’t her finest moment, it was nothing compared to her next statement. To really drive her point home, she cited another “fact” for reporters:

“And the fact that he is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea…”

Screenshot/Google Maps/Getty/AFP; Independent Journal Review

Waters didn’t specify which Korea Putin was allegedly advancing into. It seems most likely, however, that she meant Crimea, a Ukrainian territory located more than 4,000 miles from Korea.

Her slip came moments before Minority House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed she couldn’t work with President Bush. Twitter was quick to take notice of the blunders.

One user pointed out the inconvenient irony of these obviously “fake news” statements and Jake Tapper defending CNN as real news:

Another tweet used their concerns as a reason to confirm Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions:

While they were trying to fight Trump, one user claimed these gaffes only proved the president’s success:

“Kate” wondered what else we don’t know:

Still, not everyone realized Waters had made a mistake:

Waters doesn’t seem too concerned with her mix up, though. Noting that “flubs” are bipartisan, she tweeted:

If Putin does indeed advance into Korea, you can probably bet the media will focus on the “underlying issue” of Trump’s “loyalty” to Putin.

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