Maxine Waters Walks Back Impeachment Calls After Saying Mueller Findings Aren’t the ‘End of Anything’


Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) is taking a notably different approach to collusion in her most recent comments about the Robert Mueller investigation.

While speaking to reporters on Monday, the lawmaker claimed that she is focusing on the report being released.

“I think we do nothing now but concentrate on getting the information, getting that report,” said Waters to Politico. “[Impeachment has] never been discussed as a strategy for this caucus. It’s only a few of us.”

Yet as IJR previously reported, Waters has as recently as Sunday suggested that President Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government.

“This president has a way of trying to get into people’s heads and indoctrinate them,” said Waters on MSNBC. “He’s going try to conclude that this report is proof that there is no collusion and you have a lot of his sycophants who will take the nod from him and they’ll say the same thing.”


Waters is the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee and claimed that although it was the end of the report, congressional committees could still continue to investigate the president.

“This is not the end of anything,” said Waters. “Well, it is the end of the report and the investigation by Mueller, but those of us who share these committees with our oversight because there is so much that needs to be taken a look at this point. It is not the end of everything.”

Although the lawmaker claimed that impeachment was never a strategy, in 2017, Waters was claiming the Mueller investigation would lead to impeachment.

Watch Waters’ impeachment comments below:

The representative also spoke out about collusion during the 2017 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s conference.

“Here you have a president who I can tell you, I guarantee you, is in collusion with the Russians to undermine our democracy,” Waters said.

As IJR reported, many Democrats are pushing for the full report to be released to the public, and have given Attorney General William Barr until April 2 to release the report to Congress.

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