Border Patrol Agent Explains How Lax Immigration Laws Allow Criminals to Profit off ‘Vulnerable Families’

Strong immigration laws could protect people well beyond the borders of the United States, according to United States Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenan.

McAleenan has been overseeing the U.S. southern border where more than 7,000 migrants have gathered near Tijuana, Mexico.

The caravan formed in Honduras and gathered thousands of Central American migrants as it made its way north toward the United States. Mexico has offered asylum to the members of the caravan, but many are still trying to make their way to the United States.

This is in large part because the caravan organizers promised them they could get into the U.S. and stay there as their asylum case was heard.

As McAleenan told Fox News, many of the migrants were “lured” to the United States because they were promised entry because of weak laws — even though many of them do not qualify for amnesty.

McAleenan explained how weak laws put “vulnerable” migrant families at risk.


“We’ve got a challenging and still potentially volatile situation in Tiajuana. We’ve got over 7,000 migrants there. They were well organized. They were brought to the border by a group that told them they would be able to cross easily into the U.S. to present asylum claims and that’s not the case.”

McAleenan noted that the migrants’ confusion at the border has left many desperately looking for a way to cross the border illegally. Recently, a security camera showed a family dropping their six kids 18 feet over the border wall to America soil, only to be picked up by border patrol agents and returned to the other side.

This problem, according to McAleenan, stems from weak immigration laws in the U.S. leading migrant families to believe that they cross the border when they don’t have valid asylum claims.

“Since that caravan formed in mid-October, we’ve seen 90,000 people come to our border, 85 percent of those crossing illegally between ports of entry, and all lured by the fact that our legal framework has huge gaps that create the opportunity to stay in the U.S. while awaiting your court hearing, even if they don’t have a lawful permission or protection claim.”

McAleenan also noted that criminals leading these caravans give the migrants misleading information about the muddy asylum process in the U.S., meaning they profit off migrant families because of the weak immigration laws.

“We’ve got criminal organizations profiting off of vulnerable families charging 5,000 to 7,000 per person,” said McAleenan. “That a 2.5 billion dollar business of exploitation. We’ve got to stop it.”

McAleenan also stated that he sees the border wall funding as “critical” to preventing future situations similar to this one. The decision on funding will have to be made within the next few weeks to avoid a government shutdown.

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I. Chin

So the stupid and uneducated were promised America. We already have stupid, uneducated people of our own and don’t need extras, especially those who cannot support themselves in their own countries.

Hector Espada

Sadly the democrat party has encouraged the illegal alien to come to this country so they can be signed up into their party. The democrat has destroyed California and are working to destroy the entire southwest. The democrat has given aid to the enemy. The democrat is a traitor to America.


Good lord, these people must be so desperate that nothing will stop them from trying to get here. I am afraid to say that no matter what we or Mexico does, this situation will never end.


It is not so much desperation. The words America, United States, USA have a world wide reputation as being the land of milk and honey, unlimited wealth. Due to policies in California that milk and honey, and unlimited wealth is perceived as being free for the taking by the countries that are south of the U.S. border.

Cynthia Perry

Please! These are NOT migrants, they are an invasion force that needs to be repelled!


I agree but it won’t stop, it will never stop ….figure that these people are willing to risk life and limb to come here.

I. Chin

I’ll disagree. They passd through two countries, relatively unharmed, Guatemala and Mexico.

Where they ought to be risking life and limb, like any lawbreakers, is at the border. Tear gas? NO. Minefields, real bullets, grenades. Sharks with lasers.

I. Chin

Maybe we can fund the wall with pay-for-view. “Wannabe American Ninja Warriors” or “Double Jeopardy in English”. It would be a real world Hunger Games and pay for itself. “Hunger Games” would be appropriate.

If only Hollywood or the government had the imagination. Entertain us and we let you in. Too bad we can’t do the reverse with Hollywood.

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