McCain Turns the Table on Acosta Controversy: What If It Were a Conservative Reporter with Obama?

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“The View” hosts clashed while discussing the Acosta controversy over whether he committed assault when he refused to hand over the microphone to a White House intern to allow other reporters to ask questions — as he continued to ask questions.

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One of “The View” co-hosts thought the White House intern “assaulted” Acosta when trying to reach for the microphone — co-host Meghan McCain asked what people’s reactions would have been if the tables were turned.

Watch the video of the conflict below:

Co-host Abby Huntsman started by saying, “The country should be ashamed watching that.”

“Watching it yesterday, I was frustrated. I saw it from both ends and I was mad. It’s embarrassing for our country.”

Another co-host, Whoopi Golberg, asked if Acosta’s actions consisted of assault — to which Huntsman responded that she didn’t believe they did.

Then co-host Joy Behar took it to the next level by attacking President Donald Trump as the one who set up the conflict to distract from midterm election discussions and global warming.

“Distract, make Jim Acosta the story, and you don’t have to talk about global warming, taxes for rich people.”

McCain responds

McCain said that she doesn’t believe it was an assault against the White House intern, but she thinks Acosta was “grandstanding.”

She laid it down against her co-hosts, questioning them about what would happen if the situation was flipped with a conservative reporter and a Democrat president.

“I want you to reverse this as an Obama press conference and a Daily Caller reporter doing this, I think there are a lot of people on the left that would be saying it’s inappropriate for them to be acting that way.”

McCain added that she’s tired of hearing Acosta being the story.

“I’m sick of talking about Jim Acosta,” McCain said.

Watch the video below:

Co-host Sunny Hostin defended Acosta by stating that she saw “battery” by the White House intern.

Her co-hosts all responded asking if Hostin was blaming the woman in the situation, to which she responded that she was.

“You better go arrest her for battery,” McCain responded facetiously.

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“The View” again clashed over Acosta becoming a “household name everywhere.”

Huntsman pointed out that Acosta went back to the White House after knowing his credentials were revoked.

“He knew it would cause a problem and it would make a story,” Huntsman said, as Behar tried to switch the discussion back to Trump.

Watch the video below:

The confrontation at the White House lead to Acosta and CNN calling White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders a “liar” — however, Sanders doubled down on Thursday that Acosta’s credentials stand revoked.

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Jimmy Acosta got the attention he wanted even if it cost him his “job”. I’m sure the Clown Noise Network will find a comfortable place for him, now that he’s no longer allowed in the White House.





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