McCain Claims Trump’s Syria Decision Could Be Impeachment Distraction: ‘Feckless, Unpatriotic Cowards’

“The View” host Meghan McCain unloaded on President Donald Trump after discovering that the president was withdrawing troops from Syria.

Early Monday morning, Trump announced that he would be pulling troops from northeastern Syria as part of his promise to end wars in the Middle East and keep “America First.”

The decision, however, has been controversial among Republicans because a U.S. withdrawal would mean that Turkey will likely control the region, putting America’s Kurdish allies at risk.

The Kurds have been a key regional ally to the U.S. throughout its involvement, especially in the battle to contain ISIS in northeastern Syria.

Kurdish leaders have called Trump’s decision a “stab in the back” while other Republicans, like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), have warned it could lead to a rebirth of ISIS.

Trump has maintained that he would “obliterate” Turkey’s economy if they harmed the Kurds, but it still has many people questioning the decision.

McCain, who shares similar hawkish foreign policy principles to her late father John McCain, called out Trump for “abandoning” the Kurds in northern Syria.

Watch McCain’s remarks below:

“I’ve been so mad this morning and so upset about this news that we are abandoning our Kurdish allies in the Middle East. These are allies of ours that American soldiers are still continuing to fight alongside. All we did was arm them and they fought for America. Right now we’re just saying we’re just going to leave them and abandon them. And to everyone in the White House and every Republican who was mad President Obama pulled out of Iraq, you feckless unpatriotic cowards. I cannot believe this is where we’re at, diplomatic-wise. And I cannot believe this. What message is this sending to our allies who have fought alongside us and to our American troops who have fought and died for this? And I cannot believe I’m waking up in the morning seeing this kind of news and I don’t care that he ran on pulling troops out.”

McCain called the decision a “great day for ISIS.” She also claimed that this decision by Trump may be a “wag-the-dog situation,” meaning the president is causing chaos in the Middle East to distract from his own impeachment that has saturated the news cycle for the past two weeks.


  1. WOW, philly. For someone who has SWORN right here on this site that votes don’t matter to you, you sure spend a whole lot of time responding to ONE down vote. THE truth and you, philly, are STRANGERS, pretty much to EVERYTHING you say here.

  2. anna navarro, REALLY philly? anna navarro is THE biggest, loudest, lying-assed windbag on tv, next to joyless brayhard. You watch waaaay too much cnn. anna navarro will say whatever she needs to say, truth be damned, to stay on ANY tv station. PERIOD.

  3. Screw, take a look at the photo. The second from the left is Abbey Huntsman, the daughter of Jon Huntsman who recently left his position as an ambassador in the Trump administration. Abbey is a Conservative. The stand-in host if any regular is off, is Anna Navarro. I don’t think she is still a Republican but she was pre-Trump.

    1. To my down voter, in what universe is Abby Huntsman not a Conservative–or was Anna Navarro not a Conservative when she was working for and campaigning for Jeb Bush????

  4. Tery Gohsman.—-Meghan does not ever defend Trump–She defends Trump SUPPORTERS. According to Meghan, no one in the cult of Trump is responsible for their own actions—it’s Obama’s fault or Bill Clinton fault and/or the media’s fault.

    1. Meghan does not defend Trump. She defends gun rights, right-wing conspiracies, and the absence of logic and evidence of tax cuts paying for themselves. I watch the show. It is clear my down voter does not.

  5. Trump has many levers he can pull as president, as well as a much better inside track on intelligence. He may very well have Turkey’s number on this. Despite the Left’s caterwauling that Trump as a warmonger, his past reveals he is anything but. I’m willing to sit this one out even though my gut is to disagree with him on this.

    1. TRUMP has a better track on intelligence than the U.S. Intel experts advising him???? Erdogan HAS Trump’s weakness—-compliments, Trump’s business interests in Istanbul, Putin’s interest,….

  6. Yet tomorrow she’ll be defending his orangness once again.

    1. Maybe. Her loyalty is to ratings, less so to being the token “conservative” on that mass of shrill TDS.

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