McCain Tells Dems Not to ‘Demonize All Republicans​’: ‘Put This Crap Aside’ and ‘Work Together for America’

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During “The View” on Thursday, co-host Meghan McCain gave an impassioned speech on returning to bipartisanship in light of issues between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) and President Donald Trump.

McCain questioned the actions of both leaders, saying that they handled the situation wrong.

“I think it’s a really sad day for America and I think that the days of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil are so long gone. I don’t understand why Nancy Pelosi was talking about engaging in a cover-up just moments before meeting. I don’t understand why he even took a meeting if he was saying I can’t even engage in this bill unless the investigations stop.”

She pointed out that the issue is serious due to how divided the country’s leaders are and that they should strive to do better.

“It’s the worst kind of party posturing on all sides,” said McCain. “So I think that America could do so much better than this and I understand the inclination to find humor in it, I understand because there’s a level of absurdity to it, but I just feel depressed more than anything that this is where we’re at.”



When co-host Joy Behar tried to compare both parties and say there was a false equivalency, McCain claimed that “as long as you demonize all Republicans, even the spirit of what you said makes me not want to have a conversation with you.”

She ended by calling for everyone to work to better the country instead of focusing on party divides.

“We have to put this crap aside, all of us here at ‘The View’ as well, and politicians in D.C. At a certain point, we have to work together for America,” said McCain. “I for one am sick of party politics and what happened in the past. There’s blame everywhere all around.”

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A C Mader Bertoglio
A C Mader Bertoglio

Ms. McCain, I want to commend you on your statement for us, the American people. I am gaining respect for you again and hope you will be bigger than ever about the VIEW of your so-called co-hosts that are so filled with HATE or STOOGES FOR THE SHOW.

Once again thank you for respect for we the people.


Overall I agree with Ms. McCain nonetheless I still think Joy-less needs an open handed slap to bring her back to reality.


Working together for the good of America would be the ideal environment; but unfortunately that is no longer remotely possible. The Left wants/needs the POWER and CONTROL they – as Socialists – feel they are entitled to since they know better how to spend our money than we do, to develop a “utopia” where everything is hunky-dorey and (supposedly) everybody lives like one big happy family in a commune; even the anti-Semites. That would be the type of elitist leadership which invites Civil War by freedom loving people.





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