Americans Are Fuming Over ‘Disturbing’ ‘Political Rally’ That Took Place at McCain Funeral

The funeral services for Senator John McCain (R-Ariz) were politically charged from start to finish.

Here are just a few of the politically charged incidents from the senator’s funeral services:

  • In May, Sen. McCain made it clear that he didn’t want President Donald Trump to attend his funeral.
  • President Trump tweeted his condolences to the family but refused to take questions from reporters on McCain himself. 
  • Two days after McCain’s death, President Trump returned the White House flags to full staff, forgoing a tradition that the rest of D.C. was maintaining to keep the flag lowered until the internment. The White House later returned the flag to half-staff. 
  • Meghan McCain jabbed President Trump during her speech, saying McCain’s America was always great. The Hill compiled a list of all of the other speakers’ jabs. 
  • President Trump returned the favor, jabbing back with a tweet that said, “Make America Great Again.”

Needless to say, there has been a lot of highly charged political statements swarming the senator’s passing. Not everyone was on board with the highly politicized funeral services, some joked about the strange controversy while others went as far as calling the event a “political rally.”

Even some left-leaning users couldn’t help but point out how odd it was to have a funeral be so politically charged. 

Although the service was politically charged, Sen. McCain had planned the whole thing. All of his final wishes, including the exclusion of President Trump, were honored.

It was Sen. McCain’s right to have the service he planned, and it is everyone else’s right to think the service went too far. 

What do you think?

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