ISIS Victims Mother Thanks Trump Administration and Special Forces

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain is honoring the life of U.S. humanitarian worker Kayla Mueller who was killed by ISIS, following the death of the terrorist group’s leader.

President Donald Trump made the announcement on Sunday that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died during a raid by U.S. special forces, as IJR previously reported.

“He was a sick and depraved man and now he’s gone,” Trump said.

During Monday’s segment of “The View,” McCain took a moment to honor the U.S. humanitarian worker, whose name was used as the name for the U.S. raid. ISIS took Mueller captive in 2013 in Syria, and her death was confirmed in 2015.

“Today, we honor her. We honor her family,” McCain said, adding, “This guy, Baghdadi, was the worst of the worst of the worst … kind of scum on planet Earth.”

McCain continued to declare that Americans “should take these wins” after killing the leader of ISIS “because it’s a win for America and it’s a win for democracy and it’s a win for freedom.”

“I really think, at this moment, all of our hearts should be with the Mueller family today,” McCain said.

See McCain’s comments below:

Mueller’s mother, Marsha, said on Sunday following the death of the ISIS leader, “I just want to say how grateful we are to this administration, to the military, and to the special forces that went in. My hope is that this will help us get answers to what really happened to Kayla and get her home.”

As IJR reported, Trump made known on Monday that he is considering releasing “certain parts” of video footage of the U.S. raid that ended in the death of the ISIS leader.

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The point is not a typo committed by someone posting on this thread. (Those who are raging about it have never made a typo or other mistake? After all didn’t the Lord say “Let he who without sin cast the first stone.” ?) THE POINT IS that when OSB was killed, there was national celebration, but when the leader of ISAS (which was allowed to flourish under Obama) is killed (by the order of Pres.Trump) then not only is there crickets, there is sympathy extended by the left for the enemy (aka: WP headline proclaiming him “an austere Islamic scholar”).

Phyllis Softa

Screw, if a typo sets you off to make totally unfounded accusations, you need more help than I can offer you.



The fact that you could… not… even… spell… KAYLA right speaks of your contempt for the young woman. (and the inhuman suffering she endured under her Muslim extremist rapists)

Can you spell “Stealers”? You know the losers who represent other losers in Pittsburgh? Good thing fracking is keeping PA alive since Trump removed Obozo’s restrictions.

When was that last Superbowl victory? Oh yes, 2009. Possibly the last time you had a rational thought before 2016.


Phil, It’s #KAYLA You are literally bad mouthing the attention brought to ISIS’s atrocities AND discrediting the achievements of our Special Force. Have you NO idea how the ISIS savages repeatedly violated her BEFORE her killing? ISIS IS A LITERAL WAR ON WOMEN. Apparently you do not care. Boy do you hate. For all you know KAYLA may have been a Democrat. Would that change your mind? But she WAS a young woman who likely never had an abortion. But it’s a victory for Trump and American forces. It’s easy to see why this galls you. Your post might be… Read more »

Phyllis Softa

#Kalya Mueller #Special Forces THAT is who Meghan McCain wanted the story to be about.





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