McCarthy Mocks 2020 Dems for Not Discussing the Economy During the Debate: They’ve ‘Nothing to Do With’ It

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is calling out the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls for steering clear of talks about the economy during the most recent debate.

Ten of the 20 people vying for the party’s nomination in the 2020 presidential election took to the debate stage on September 12 in Houston, Texas. Although the debate touched on topics such as gun control and immigration, both candidates and moderates strayed from mentioning the economy.

“The word ‘recession’ was uttered just once in the entire debate. (By Julián Castro, who noted the poll’s finding of recession fears.),” noted Byron York of the Washington Examiner. “Nor was the word ‘unemployment’ ever spoken. Nor was there a discussion of job creation. Nor was there much of a discussion of wages.”

Before jumping on the silence regarding the economy, McCarthy spoke with “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday where he called the recent push by Democrats, including 2020 hopefuls, to launch an impeachment inquiry against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh an “imaginary impeachment” because “nobody in America wants this.”

On the debate, McCarthy pointed out that Democratic presidential contenders weren’t asked about impeachment during the latest Democratic debate. He also made note that the U.S. economy wasn’t discussed either. 

“The other sad news is there wasn’t one question about the economy,” McCarthy said, adding, “Because the Democrats had nothing to do with making this strong economy.”

Labeling the economy the “strongest one we’ve had in the last 50 years,” the Republican leader suggested 2020 Democrats “don’t want to talk about it because that’s the reason why President Trump is going to get reelected.”

Watch McCarthy’s interview below:

Although Trump has touted the booming economy, Democratic candidates previously criticized the president for the economy due to warning signs of a possible recession, as IJR reported.

Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) previously said Trump “inherited a growing economy from the Obama-Biden administration, just like he inherited everything in his life. And now he’s squandering it, just like he squandered everything he inherited in his life.”

However, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Tim Murtaugh said, “This is the best economy that most Americans alive have ever experienced, and no desperate spinning from Democrats or the media can change that.”

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“As I mentioned earlier; being “confused” and pure “ignorant” is synonymous with being a Socialist puppet (+ devoid of any thought process).”

I think you “excluded” (Leftist magic work #1) the “entitled”(Leftist magic word #2).

Nobody deserves anything. You either make it on your own terms or face the failure of your inadequacy. First benchmark to being an adult: Understanding that LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Get over it and move on.

Phyllis Softa

James, I adore your posts, BECAUSE they are completely devoid of any thought process that does not involve recall and regurgitating disproven conspiracies. If you perceive it is unfair to associate Kavanaugh with sexual assault allegations throughout his time on the SCOTUS, WHY did you applaud the Trump WH’s efforts to not allow a thorough FBI investigation of the accusations? WHY did Kavanaugh not INSIST an extensive investigation BEFORE the vote? Kavanaugh is not a moron. He had to know the accusations would continue to haunt him until the public was satisfied.


‘What a mish-mash of confused thoughts.”

Are you attaining self-awareness?

(check the name-tags in your underwear before responding.)


It’s literally the elephant in the room. The debates did not deal with the big three issues: the economy, foreign policy, or late-term abortion. Let’s hear how the candidates deal with these questions.

ALL they do is talk about expensive, unsustainable programs which will benefit the American people less than their it does their own ideology. Promising full entitlements to illegals is the tell.

I wonder who will be the first to suggest late-term abortions up until 16 are acceptable, after which the survivors get to vote.


Now what would a bunch of clowns know about something we normal people call the “economy”? The economy had been in the tank for more than 8 years because of an individual who couldn’t even spell “economy”; until Trump was elected to fix it – which he did rather quickly.

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