McCarthy Addresses Dems Push for Gun Control Action: ‘We Want a Process That Works’

Amid pressure from Democrats to pass gun control legislation, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) wants to make sure Congress passes a bill that “actually works.”

Following the two back-to-back shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, that killed 31 people in total, Democratic Congressmembers have urged their Senate Republican colleagues to bring Congress back from August recess to bring about a vote on gun control legislation that already has the approval of the House.

Democrats have sought to pressure Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) into bringing up the legislation. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said during a news conference on Tuesday, “The House has acted, and it is time — past time — for the [Senate] to act.”

Additionally, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has called on McConnell to do so as well, even bringing up that the Republican leader describes himself as the “Grim Reaper” for blocking House-approved legislation in the Senate.

During a “Special Report with Bret Baier” interview late Wednesday, McCarthy addressed Democrats’ push for gun control action.

Asked what he believes the Senate should do in regards to legislation that passed in the House regarding background checks, the Republican leader said:

“I think the Senate should actually pass a bill that actually works. You’ve got to understand what has this last Congress done? When we saw a shooting like in Parkland where that individual — and we never want to say his name — the FBI was warned not once, but twice, months ahead of time, and no action was taken. We saw that shooting in Texas at a church. What happened there was the national instant criminal background check failed. It was our own military that no longer gave me information forward so we change that. […] When you look at the bump stocks that came through during the Obama Administration, the Trump Administration took that back.”

“We would actually like to see something that works,” the Republican lawmaker said, adding that Republicans are willing to work with Democrats to protect due process as well as to protect Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

While McCarthy voted against the House-passed bill on background checks because it “does not give you meaningful background checks,” he reiterated that he’s willing to work with others to make a bill that does. He added that he’s spoken to the president and McConnell and “we want a process that works.”

Watch McCarthy’s interview below:

It’s unlikely though that the pressure by congressional Democrats is enough for McConnell to call the Senate back from the August recess, as he recently said there would be “bipartisan discussions” on gun control once they return.

“We’re going to have these bipartisan discussions and when we get back (from the recess), hopefully, be able to come together and actually pass something,” McConnell said. “I want to make a law and not just see this kind of political sparring going on.”


  1. BS. Make the laws you already have work.
    Fix NICS.
    Start enforcing involuntary confinement/mental evals.
    FFS start policing criminals with guns and making long, long mandatory sentences.

  2. Switzerland is one of the safest countries, because a huge number of people have guns. Chicago banned guns and look at the shootings there! Laws are only respected and followed by a society that has morals and have morals because of faith. This country has lost faith and is horribly immoral. Faith cannot be legislated, but faith can be an example to others. We have a lot of armchair experts that are not standing up to immoral attitudes. This silent populations would have a loud voice to proclaim the value of faith and morality. Use you voice to write congress people, and organizations. Reinforce the good and write to university heads to praise good, kind, and responsible behavior. Make a comment on Twitter with the Socratic method to make the dimwits think for once. we have power, so use it with kindness to set an example. God is on our side and he beat all the armies in the Bible by himself!

  3. Guns are inanimate objects and murder is already against the law. It’s the thinking and culture of these people and the cesspool places they live in. I know this isn’t very PC, But these places all have a certain thing in common.
    You figure it out. I don’t want any freedoms or rights taken away because some people were idiots or mental patients. Democrats are evil.

  4. More gun laws won’t fix what is wrong with our culture. look at Chicago with some of the strictest gun laws in the country and also has the murder capital of America title. Criminals, by definition, do not obey laws so they will ignore any new laws passed. It is impossible to take guns off the street where crimes are committed with them. Law-abiding citizens and gun owners are not committing these horrific crimes. The jerks that are have mental problems, have announced their vile intentions in advance to others and on social media yet nobody says anything. Cops can’t do anything because they are an after-the-fact organization where a crime must be committed before they act. They cannot act on someone’s thoughts. Our culture has grown the problem. Violent video games where life is meaningless and just a button-push away from extinction, hatred generated by the media and certainly the Democrats because victimhood plays well with their ideology. All this creates a mindset in susceptible individuals, and especially loners crying for attention and 5 minutes of fame regardless of the consequences. They will be on the news and the more horrific the crime the more coverage, as they have seen in the past watching them unfold of live TV. Gun-free zones are invitations to these lunatics so i suggest stop putting up signs. Better to let the jerks wonder if anybody in the zone is armed and could stop them. There are plenty of gun laws around and we do not need more ineffective ones. Banning so-called assault rifles will not solve anything and Democrats always go to far and ban anything that even remotely resembles one cosmetically, not function. Trying to force people who have paid considerable amounts of money to purchase these so-called assault weapons is doomed to failure. People will not give them up because they are not the problem nor is the gun. Democrats most fervent desire is to disarm American citizens so they can impose Democrat Socialim on the country. Armed opposition stands in their way. Until the media gives equal coverage and calls for laws related to deaths from opioids, gang related deaths, drunk driving and terrorist activities they are part of the problem, as are the Democrats. Resist any new gun legislation. It only affects people who break no laws.

  5. We already have laws that would work of they were followed and enforced. Passing yet another law that won’t be enforced won’t fix the problem and is a waste of time and money. Just what the progressive liberal left does best. Wastes time and money without improving the problem.

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