Even Critics ‘Are Going to Have to Give Him Credit’: McCarthy Applauds Trump After Historic Kim Meeting

Kevin McCarthy
Joshua Roberts/Reuters

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) praised President Donald Trump after his historic meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un over the weekend, and he thinks the president’s critics will have to give him a round of applause too.

Calling into “Sunday Morning Features” on Fox News, McCarthy lauded the president’s move, saying, “While America slept, President Trump made history.”

“Even those who dislike this president are going to have to give him credit,” he said. “This is what he said when he talked about ‘the art of the deal,’ that this could make America and the world fundamentally different for the next century.”

McCarthy went on to address the backlash Trump got for referring to Kim as “Rocket Man” on Twitter, but pointed out that his way of diplomacy “brought [Kim] to the table” nonetheless.

“He was able to walk away in Vietnam and reset the stage. People said that was a terrible thing to do, but you look at Kim Jong Un, that he sat, and on his face, he smiled with this president, that this president did it in a manner that let him save face, but now is bringing people to negotiate to denuclearize.”

“America’s in a stronger position to make the world safer, and the president did it with style that others have not been able to do,” he added. “I give him a tremendous amount of credit. Even those that dislike him have to give him credit on what he was able to achieve.”

Listen to his comments below:

Rep. McCarthy on 'Sunday Morning Futures'

"This is what [President Donald J. Trump] said when he talked about 'the art of the deal,' that this could make America and the world fundamentally different for the next century."On "Sunday Morning Futures," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy praised President Donald J. Trump's historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

Posted by Fox News on Sunday, June 30, 2019

“When we look back in history, this will be the moment. This will be the moment that turned the tables just like in Iceland with Reagan walking away from Gorbachev,” McCarthy drove his point home.

As IJR News reported, President Trump became the first sitting president to cross the Korean peninsula’s DMZ (demilitarized zone) and step foot into North Korea. He met with Kim, reopening the possibility of denuclearizing the nation before the pair crossed back over to South Korea for more talks with President Moon.

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Eugene Rowin
Eugene Rowin

Pres. Trump is a true American he is not doing this for personal it is for America and the world.


The ‘raucous’ Dumbocrats would just be livid if something positive happened. There must be many paths toward denial.

Gerald D Cline Jr.

Even Critics ‘Are Going to Have to Give Him Credit.’ No they won’t. If Donald Trump called a news conference in the morning and declared the arguments had convinced him a wall on our southern border is immoral and he was abandoning the call for a wall. And, by the way, he was going to tear down the existing wall. Within an hour Congress would be passing bills ordering him to leave the existing wall alone and millions of dollars dedicated to building new walls. The #Trump.haters hate him as an end in itself. No matter what he does they… Read more »

Patriotic Legal Immigrant
Patriotic Legal Immigrant

Democrats have run out giving crdit a long time ago! Time to get back into the “safe space” business! God knows how many dems need them!

Dan McMonigle

Democrat politicians flourish when times are bad. So even when employment of Blacks, Hispanics, and women are at all time highs and our carbon footprint is down, Democrats have to pretend it isn’t so. The only voting block Democrats can depend on are the dead and buried loyal Democrat voters. They may never have voted Democrat in their lifetimes but now they are dead they do nothing else.


Thamk God (or whom ever) Someone is FINALLY doing SOMTHING.





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