Rep McCarthy Explains His New Bill to Fund Border Wall — Thinks They Can Get 60 Senate Votes to Pass It

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has some big plans for funding the southern border wall and decreasing illegal immigration. He thinks it could actually pass through the Senate.

The House Majority Leader explained his new bill to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.


“The name of this bill is ‘Build the Wall, Enforce the Law.’ So it fully funds the wall $25 billion, but it even does more. You know, Kate’s Law, which we passed, is a part of this. It stops sanctuary cities. It keeps children safe because it removes the MS-13 members and it denounces this movement, like in San Francisco, that allows illegals to vote in our election.”

Although the bill delivers on many Republican campaign promises, Ingraham doubted that the bill could get through the House and Senate to land on President Donald Trump’s desk.

The congressman was confident that the bill would skate through the House, but the bigger hurdle would undoubtedly be gathering 60 votes in the Senate. Still, McCarthy thinks it can be done before the new year.

“I watched what [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell said today, he said we’re going to have a vigorous fight over the wall in December and watching what this Senate was able to do with [Justice] Kavanaugh, I believe this gives them the opportunity and the time to get this done once and for all.”

McCarthy explained that he sees the GOP unification behind Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a promising step for future legislation.

“The battle when it came to [Justice] Kavanaugh was the rule of law. It’s one of the things that makes America the strongest. It breaks down our society and our communities will not be safe if you cannot secure your own border. Think of the amount of fentanyl or the human trafficking that comes across. Modern day slavery.”

Ultimately, Rep. McCarthy admitted that the upcoming midterm elections will heavily impact the December vote on the bill.

“That’s what this election is about. This is about the ability to build the wall and enforce the law,” said Rep. McCarthy.

The majority leader also explained that the situation at the border is not one that should be placed on hold.

“I would wish every American would spend one day with a border patrol agent,” said McCarthy. “If they spend one day with them, I don’t there would be any question about building this wall.”

This bill will likely take center stage after the November 6 midterm elections, with Sen. McConnell promising a December fight.

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  1. The group entering the US illegally that is rising the fastest AND is bigger in number than is coming across the Mexican-US border, is all Asians.

    In what way is your stupid wall going to fix that, you morons?

        • I didn’t ask about government #s.
          I asked where you got your #s.
          Evasion fail. Thanks for playing.

          Let me make a claim in your style.
          Dims suffering from sexual dysfunction are the biggest losers, with those most Left-leaning experiencing the greatest dysfunction. As if the shrill, man-hating feminists or those “questioning” would ever have them OR allow their children to live.

          As Larry the Cable Guy might say, “That’s some nihilism right there.”

          Conversation between a male-feminist and his “mate”.
          “Have you considered children?”
          “Why? I already have you.”

          • Really? What is the most prevalent in your world? You’re still making shit up.

            You just said the gov’t can really do numbers well. The DHS is government. They say the greatest # of illegals are Mexicans. The CIS and Pew Research also say so.

  2. McCarthy should concentrate on first building the wall. Period. He’s trying to fight a battle on too many fronts.

    If he was smarter he’d find other means to fund the wall. e.g. massive eVerify fines on all parties involved, taxing remittances, collect big fees on H1Bs, require large deposits on visas for those countries statistically having overstayers, etc.

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