McCarthy Calls out Dems for Proposing Changes to SCOTUS, Electoral College: ‘They Can’t Win in a Fair Fight’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) called out Democrats for their recent proposals that would change the nominating process of the Supreme Court and abolish the electoral college, among other fundamental changes to the political process in the United States.

As IJR previously reported, several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have gotten behind fundamental changes to the political process.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) proposed abolishing the electoral college, telling voters in Mississippi that it would make it so that their vote matters — a misleading claim, to say the least.

While Warren set her sights on the electoral college, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-Ind.) proposed adding six justices to the Supreme Court and limiting the president’s role in nominating justices.

During an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on Monday morning, McCarthy claimed Democrats are pushing to change these processes to help them win elections, adding several other Democratic proposals to the list, including H.R.1, a piece of legislation in the House that would make changes to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).


“They want to change the number of people on the Supreme Court and they want to change the electoral college. Why? Because they can’t win in the current rules and they want to change the rules to benefit themselves. The FEC that’s equal Republicans and Democrats — they want to change the size of that, too. They want to put their thumb on the scale because they can’t win in a fair fight. They want to change how it works.”

McCarthy noted that Democrats on the state level are already changing election processes to bolster their party. He pointed to elections in Maine and California as evidence.

In Maine, the state legislature implemented rank choice voting. This means voters rank their preferred candidates instead of just casting a vote and naming the person with the plurality as the candidate.

With rank choice voting, the votes are counted several times. For example, if there are four candidates in the race, voters rank each of them one through four. The first count is standard, but for the second count, the fourth-place candidate is dropped and his or her votes go to whomever they listed as their second choice. This process continues until one candidate has 50 percent of the vote.

Republican Bruce Poliquin had the most votes on election night, but because of rank choice voting, a Democrat won the seat.

In California, several Republicans thought they won on election night only to find out they lost several weeks later — including Republican David Valadao who was up six percent on election night and had his race called by the Associated Press.

McCarthy claimed that “ballot harvesting” allowed Democrats to pull ahead so late after the elections in 2018. Using “ballot harvesting,” activists can go door-to-door to collect absentee ballots from voters and turn them in. Many fear this leads to shady practices — even voter fraud — because voters are not using the standard mail-in system where election officials can ensure the votes were not tampered with.

Despite concerns, former Governor Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) made it law.

“[Democrats’ number one issue] is elections,” said McCarthy. “They want to change election outcomes [with] H.R.1.”


  1. It’s only fair when they win. q.v. Clinton and Obozo. Not a one objected to the electoral college.

    Now that their anointed queen, Her Pantsuitedness failed (again), the electoral college is suddenly a problem.

  2. Trump’s #1 issue since the escalator has been immigration. For 2 yrs McCarthy was part of the House leadership. WHY did the Paul Ryan not send a passed bill to McConnell to CHANGE asylum laws? Why did McConnell not sent one to Ryan? Yes, giving tax cuts to corporations was a priority, but that was signed on Dec 22, 2017. Why did McCarthy not urge passage in 2018 a bill eliminating asylum or making the “changes” he wants made?

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