McCarthy Says the US Needs ‘Commonsense Solutions’ on Gun Control

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is calling for “commonsense solutions” to address gun violence that would also protect law-abiding citizens.

Another mass shooting occurred in Texas on Saturday, becoming the latest since a gunman killed 22 victims in El Paso, Texas, on Aug. 3. The recent shooting on Saturday left the state again shaken, as seven people were killed and 22 others were wounded in West Texas.

Following the shooting, several congressional Democrats have continued their call for Republican lawmakers to pass gun control legislation.

“The Republican Senate must end its obstruction and finally pass the commonsense, bipartisan, House-passed gun violence prevention legislation that the country is demanding,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) wrote in a statement.

However, President Donald Trump seemed to put a halt to part of Democrats desires, as he told reporters on Sunday that both sides are looking at different bills but he doesn’t believe tougher background checks “would not have stopped any of it,” as IJR Red reported.

In response to pressure from Democrats for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to bring up House-passed gun control legislation for a vote, McCarthy told Fox News on Sunday that Republicans are “willing to work with anyone that wants to find commonsense solutions to prevent this from happening in the future.”

“While at the same time, protecting due process for anyone who is a law-abiding citizen as we move forward,” he added.

Watch McCarthy’s interview below:

“I don’t know why this took place. […] We do know mental health is a major problem in what’s happening in America today, that that is one element of what’s the deal here. We also knew that the national instant criminal background check was a problem, and in the last Congress that’s why we did something about that. […] Those are the things we are looking at, how do we find commonsense solutions to make sure we can prevent this, not legislation that just is going to carry this on further.”

McCarthy’s remark that “mental health is a disturbing issue” when it comes to mass shootings is also a point Trump made when he also called it a “big problem.

“How can we find commonsense to prevent these things from happening,” the Republican lawmaker said, adding, “I think that’s where we find common ground.”

McCarthy isn’t the only Republican Congressmember speaking out, as Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-Tenn.) told Fox News on Sunday that he believes “Democrats have over-politicized an issue that should not be politicized.”


  1. How would mickarthy know what is “commoin sense”?
    Do what he says?
    He hasn’t shown a glimmer of any.

  2. We can’t resolve gun issues/rampant killings until corruption is stopped. Bribes are confusing the loyalty of our politicians, plain and simple, because they are clearly ignoring their voters.

  3. Why isn’t anything being said about the latest shooter in Odessa having a record of mental issues; failed a background check and should NOT have had a gun? OR, that his former boss called the police expecting trouble and NOTHING was done?

    Once again, the system FAILED to protect the public. Even if someone says something, everybody sits on their hands and people are slaughtered.

  4. I have yet to see even one person just tell people to acat decently and take personal responsibility for their actions.
    Too old fashioned? The Gov. starts taking guns and? he second amendment isn’t about hunting animals. We need term limits really bad! I sure don’t see why anyone would vote for anyone who wants to take away freedoms and rights. half the country is about nuts!

  5. It’s been said that you cannot control crazy BUT you shouldn’t allow crazy to control you. That includes passing “feel good” laws that do nothing about crazy.

  6. McCarthy fails to define what he considers “commonsense” solutions which also will not trample Constitutional rights.

    He’s running his mouth.

    1. “Commonsense gun control” has always been code for “Confiscation of our legally owned guns”. The code was invented by the Clinton DemocRATs but now appears some RINOs have jumped in the dimwits clown car.

  7. I think Nancy Pelosi should go on death row for a criminal that has committed murder. This makes as much sense as punishing legal law abiding citizens who abide by the law. Which of these will take guns out of the hands of criminals? They have no common sense and no real plan except to take our second amendment rights.

  8. The fly in the ointment is determining just who’s idea of common sense shall be government supported. Being a very subjective term, there is nothing for Americans to get behind. Common sense and our current congress is incompatible. They are agenda oriented and not constituent oriented.

  9. Pandora’s Box is open and all that remains is hope. The Nuclear cat is out of the bag, and all sorts of weapons are out there for someone hell-bent on destruction. No legislation can stop someone from committing atrocious acts of violence whether they use a gun, a knife, a vehicle, fertilizer and diesel fuel or a pressure cooker.

    1. Otis, just saw on the news about 2 hours ago where a ship caught fire and 34 people were killed on it and only 5 escaped, all crew members!!!!!!! Now to me common sense would have told me to jump ship!!!!! But 34 people didn’t use any type of common sense!!!!! To me common sense would be to get rid of all of the gun free zones, issue CCW’s to people who are or were ex-military or police or people that can pass a rigorous training and live fire of at least 100 rounds!!!! You must qualify with the weapon that you will be packing, which means you don’t so up with a .22 and then pack a 44 mag. Arm the mall security, schools and the places where the shooting are taking place, and see for the shootings start to drop off!!!!!!!!

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