McCarthy Mocks Dem in NC Special Election for Trying to Avoid Ties to Socialism: ‘He’s Running From His Own Party’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is predicting a lot of Republican wins if the upcoming election is based on issues being pushed by Democrats.

The crowded field of Democratic candidates has been championing some controversial issues from the campaign trail, including slavery reparations, limits on meat consumption, a universal income, and a mandatory gun buyback program.

During a press conference on Tuesday, McCarthy explained why he believes Republicans will be successful in the 2020 election cycle, including a chance to win back the U.S. House of Representatives.

He noted that in the North Carolina special election taking place Tuesday between Democrat Dan McCready and Republican Dan Bishop, McCready is trying to run as a moderate by avoiding many of those issues being pushed by top-of-the-ticket Democrats.

Watch McCarthy’s comments:

“It’s interesting to me, the Democrat who’s running is running on the idea of trying to say he’s not a socialist and he doesn’t really believe in what the Democrats believe. Then why is he a Democrat? He’s running from his own party. I watched the Democrats perform in this campaign. They’re just trying to play defense. They’ve been in power for some time. What is their agenda? Name me one thing they have accomplished. Name me one problem they have solved. It’s a real challenge for them because they have a record to run on now. And I feel very confident about where we are.”

McCarthy noted that to take back the majority, Republicans have few seats to win than Democrats did in 2018 and more of those seats are in districts President Donald Trump won. He claimed that the presidential campaigns being run by Democrats will help solidify a Republican majority.

“Everyone raises their hands to care about giving health care to illegals, but wonder and leaves homeless veterans to care for themselves,” said McCarthy, adding, “I think the issue set is going to be very strong. And I think we’re going to do quite well in the next election if the election is based upon ideas.”

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General Confusion

”And I think we’re going to do quite well in the next election if the election is based upon ideas.” McCarthy

I am confused.

Where are the Republican “ideas” for government debt (negative interest rates?), replacing our health care system (the latest that I heard about was getting deals through Groupon), working class issues such as small paychecks and huge debt, gun deaths, economic and trade issues?


The GOP must win back the House in 2020 (keeping the Senate and White House) in order for our elected representatives to begin working FOR those who elected them,. The Donkey (jackass) Party members in the House now have done NOTHING but beat their dead relatives over impeaching Trump. They should be ashamed to collect a paycheck because they’ve certainly not done a thing to earn any of it.


McCarthy will be accused of McCarthyism?





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