‘So Untrue’: McCarthy Slams Pelosi’s Claim That Trump Wants to ‘Make America White Again’ with Census

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is pushing back against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) criticism of the president for wanting to add a question on the 2020 census about citizenship status.

The Supreme Court blocked Trump’s efforts on June 27, but the president has pressed forward to add the question, as IJR News reported.

“So important for our Country that the very simple and basic ‘Are you a Citizen of the United States?’ question be allowed to be asked in the 2020 Census,” President Donald Trump tweeted on July 4.

Attorney General William Barr told reporters on Monday that “over the next day or two” the decision on what approach taken by the administration for the census citizenship question will be made known, and he believes there’s a legal “pathway for getting the question on the census.”

The House speaker, however, claimed that the president wants to add the citizenship question because he allegedly wants to “Make America White Again.”

“This is about keeping — you know, Make America, you know his hat — Make America White Again,” Pelosi said on Monday at a press conference. “They want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted.”

She added, “What they want to do is to put a chilling effect so that certain populations will not answer the form.”

See Pelosi’s comment below:

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, McCarthy pressed that “time is critical” in getting the citizenship question on the census.

“You only do this once every 10 years. It has been on the form, especially the long form up until President Obama took it off. So it is one time you can ask the question, to see who is in this country and ask all the different questions. You can’t go do this next year or the other. That’s why it is so critical to get this done now because they are printing it as we speak.”

When asked about Pelosi’s claim that Trump is trying to “Make America White Again,” the Republican lawmaker pushed back, calling it “so untrue.” He continued to point to achievements under the Trump administration for Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and “all of America.”

Watch McCarthy’s interview below:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also expressed support to add the citizenship question, as he said he was “heartened” by the president and Barr’s intention to move forward with it.

“… it is a clear authority of the president and the administration, and is in fact, a constitutional responsibility, and they need to do it. They need to do it accurately. They need to do it right,” Cruz told Fox News on Tuesday. “But part of doing it right is asking basic questions, including, ‘Are you a citizen?'”

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Patti Harrison

I see nothing wrong with that question, it is just simply asking are you a citizen of this country!


Ah, yes. The Caucasian horde assumes control. Look out minorities! There is not enough diversity!


How does the citizenship question make America white? She’s gone off the deep end for sure this time. Does she mean to say that Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans aren’t citizens, only whites are? She’s barking mad. I think all the anchors in her face are too tight on her brain. They’re coming to take her away, ha ha. They’re coming to take her away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha. To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time and she’ll be happy to see those nice young men, in their clean white coats and they’re coming… Read more »


The Indian founded American Not Republicans and not this Hatred!!!


So asking about citizenship is racist but asking their race is not? Sorry, I guess I’m not smart enough to understand the logic of the left.


It’s not asking the race – dud just whether or not you are a US Citizen – How can it be about keeping America White?? Pelosi has just plain lost it!


Obama took the citizenship question off because he didn’t want America to know how many illegals were getting benefits they had no right to. the Democrats win elections letting them illegally vote. States with more illegals get more federal dollars. honest elections NEED the citizenship question.

Mark Simmons

The fact that these Democrats are objecting to the citizenship question, which is needed to create congressional districts which have equal representation, and they are NOT objecting to the questions on race, tells you everything you need to know about their true motives.





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