McCarthy Questions What Dems Have ‘Accomplished’ in the First 200 Days of the House Majority

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) isn’t offering praise to House Democrats as they mark 200 days holding the majority.

On Thursday, congressional Democrats celebrated their first 200 days since taking back the majority in the House of Representatives, in the 116th Congress, since the 2018 midterm elections.

“200 days ago, the most dynamic and diverse House Majority in history took the oath of office and then got to work,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said at a press conference.

See Pelosi’s comment below:

“What I can’t figure out is…what exactly are they celebrating?” McCarthy asked in response to the House Democrats press conference. “I know the country isn’t celebrating their accomplishments because there aren’t any.”

During Thursday’ press conference, McCarthy doubled down on his criticism as he said he “can’t figure out what they’re celebrating” and “what [Democrats] have actually accomplished.”

“So what I thought I would do I’d actually go and look at what were the numbers at this moment at this time in the last Congress where there was a different majority. … In the last Congress, there were 308 bills passed at this moment. The Democrats, who have celebrated their 200 days, haven’t even passed 200 bills out of committee. They’re at 184.”

“You know why?” McCarthy asked, adding, “It was on display yesterday” during the two House hearings with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The Republican lawmaker said, “I hope the failure of what they saw … is the final chapter of this book.”

Watch the press conference below:

Pointing out a recent new poll that revealed that the American people see immigration as the top issue facing the United States currently, McCarthy blasted Democrats for calling the migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border “made up.”

“The American public knows it’s a crisis. The only people who do not believe it’s a crisis is the majority party inside the House of Representatives,” he said.

McCarthy continued to slam House Democratic leaders for the “total failure on their part” in holding the Mueller hearings, all awhile they’ve “wasted America’s time, there has been a crisis at the border.”

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Waiting for the Doomocrats to return to caring about the nation is like waiting for the second coming of Jacob Javitts; it’s not going to happen. At least the old school liberals seemed to care about the country, as they weren’t vitriolic leftists hell-bent upon changing our entire way of life.


Congressman, I believe it is abundantly clear the Dimwit Party has not accomplished anything in 200 days; nor will they in the next 200. They are so obsessed with wanting to unseat a duly elected President they – most likely – dream of different ways to try. Their “do-nothing for the American people” attitude is more than ample reason to vote them ALL out of Office in 2020 and KEEP them out for generations to come.

Abolishing/outlawing the entire Party – whether it be called “Democrat”, “Socialist” or “Communist” – should be a consideration.





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