McCarthy Snaps at Dems for Impeachment Talks: ‘Show Me Where the President Did Anything to Be Impeached’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos that he doesn’t think anything would have prevented Democrats from wanting to impeach President Donald Trump.

During the Sunday morning interview, McCarthy addressed the House Democrats investigation into president Donald Trump. Earlier in the morning, Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) explained to Stephanopoulos that he isn’t ready to start impeachment investigations, but he believes the president obstructed justice.

However, in 2017, Nadler did start in an inquiry into impeachment while Republicans controlled the House. McCarthy said that this is just Nadler’s first step toward an official impeachment investigation, something he believes Democrats wanted from the day Trump took office.


“I think Congressman Nadler decided to impeach the president the day the president won the election. […] He talks about impeachment before he even became [House Judiciary] chairman. Then he says you’ve got to persuade people to get there. There’s nothing that the president did wrong. […] In this process, to be impeached? Show me where the president did anything to be impeached.”

Stephanopoulos pushed back on McCarthy’s claim that the president hasn’t done anything wrong. He noted that Nadler claimed Trump’s potential ties to campaign finance violations could be considered an impeachable offense. Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen will serve prison time for payments he made to Stormy Daniels that violated campaign finance laws.

McCarthy claimed that the responsibility to follow the law was on Cohen’s because he was hired to advise Trump on legal matters, therefore, he doesn’t blame Trump.


“You know what concerns me? If you hire an attorney. If I hire an attorney to make sure I carry out the law, the attorney has a responsibility to tell me what’s right and what’s wrong in the process. If it’s finance campaign [violation], those are fines. Those aren’t impeachable in the process.”

As McCarthy noted, campaign finance violations are not typically considered extreme offenses in Washington D.C. In fact, former President Barack Obama’s campaign was hit with a fine for $375,000 after it was revealed that they failed to include some donor names during the 2008 campaign.


  1. The party of deflection.
    They are really the racists, the haters and the vile deplorables.

  2. The Constitution says “”Treason, or bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors” are impeachable offenses. Modern law has extended that to include criminal or grossly criminal acts.

    Campaign finance violations not so much.

    1. You are forgetting 2 events:
      (1) The 1998 House impeachment of Clinton (D) for lying under oath for receiving oral sex from a 23 yr old intern He was acquitted by the Senate.
      (2) The 2011 federal indictment of John Edwards (D) on 6 felony charges of violating federal campaign finance laws to cover-up an extramarital affair. Edwards was acquitted on 1 charge and on the remaining 5 charges a mistrial was declared.

      1. First of all SyPhyllis, Monica was 19 when the oral sex act was performed. She was 23 when the act was proven. Second of all, your second point proves there is no case against Trump for campaign finance violations base on Edwards. Great job! You made my job easy, Moron!! Or should I attribute your reference to the Edwards case to faulty spectacles making it difficult for you to read? Nah! You’re just a moron!!!!

        1. By your logic, OJ was acquitted of murder, so there is no case for charging anyone else. And you call me a moron! Secondly, Monica began work in the WH as an unpaid intern July, 1995 & became a paid employee of Legislative Affairs for the Pentagon in December, 1995 thru 1996. Only using Republican math could a person born in July, 1973 be 19 yrs old in July of 1995. I left the party before Republican Math was introduced, so I was using the math skills taught in grade school.

          1. You need to recheck your revised history, cupcake. Clinton had her assigned to the pentagon AFTER Monica became his “fatal attraction ” and persisted in trying to hook up with him. You really do need some math lessons because Clinton was president in 1992. The affair happened shortly after. It wasn’t until after Billy boy’s re-election that this all came to light. No comment on the Edwards rebuttal? Didn’t think so. Good evening to you sweet cheeks! Or is it your cheeks reek?

  3. Come on now we all know that at issue here is that Congress learned its lesson with Super O and now they just want to make certain that they zealously follow the rules. That’s why finance violations are being looked at nothing more, WINK WINK, it’s not about Trump per se. SNORT

    *** If my blatant and deep scorn for this avenue of presendential harassment wasn’t obvious I apologize. ***

    1. Hilarious. Congress zealously following the rules. When it suits them. Maybe.

  4. This is just another political stunt by the Socialists reflecting their crying, temper tantrum displeasure their career criminal ‘Queen’ didn’t win in 2016. Trump has done nothing to warrant impeachment under the 25th Amendment; EXCEPT to clean up the mess left behind by Muslim Marxist Barry #44; who should have been impeached and deported prior to his inauguration.

    1. Tell us how you really feel. *g*

      This is a slo-mo coup to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

    2. What? Why are you doing this?

      The 25th involves succession and an inability of the President to govern (if the president dies, resigns, or is removed from office), not impeachment.

      1. Rock, the founding fathers had the succession plan worked out back in 1789. As far as impeachment, it means nothing!!! It’s a strongly worded letter of condemnation written by the elementary school teachers of the House (that will go down in your permanent record. Oooooh!). It’s the Senate’s call as to remove the president from office. Were you even awake in High School Government class? Or is that how far public schools have declined? Are you even old enough for government 101?

        1. The first step is to file articles of impeachment in the House and pass them with a simple majority, then the Senate gets their whack at them.

          This still has nothing to do with the 25th.

          1. And yet you’re the one that keeps bringing up the 25th. Face it, Rocky, you f*cked up and you got called out on it! It’s sad that someone of your cluelessness can still post here with the adults. But your response shows you’re learning since your last post. Again, the succession plan was worked out long ago….before Trump even.. meaning his successor is Pence. I know, a nightmare for you idiots.

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