From Documents to Ice Cubes, Sen. McConnell Blasts Democrat Delay Tactics in Kavanaugh Approval

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) leveled Democrats by highlighting what he considered to be all of the delay tactics they have used in their attempt to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh from an appointment to the Supreme Court.

The senator started out by slamming the Democrats for “trying to move the goalposts every five minutes.”

“They will not be satisfied unless they have brought down Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. It started with straightforward political maneuvering,” said Sen. McConnell. “None of it worked, of course, but whatever excuses they have to delay, delay, delay.”

From there, McConnell picked out all of the tactics used by the Democrats prior to the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford.


“Of course, back in June, the Democrats tried to argue the Senate shouldn’t confirm a Supreme Court Justice in any even-numbered year. Any even-numbered year. Then they were reminded that Justices Kagan, Breyer, and Souter were all confirmed during midterm election years and that argument evaporated.

Next, the Democrats said the process should be delayed because too few documents were available from Judge Kavanaugh’s past public service. Well then they received the most pages of documents ever produced for a Supreme Court nomination, so guess what came next. The goal posts moved down the field and the Democrats called for a delay because there were too many documents for them to read.”

McConnell claimed that, when these standard delay tactics failed, “some chose a darker road.”

“The politics of personal destruction were willfully unleashed,” said McConnell.

The senator didn’t pull any punches when going after the Democrats, saying, “I guess upholding any standards of any kind was just too much to ask.”

Sen. McConnell specifically called out Democrats for how they handled the letter brought forward by Dr. Ford, saying:

“In short, Democrats mishandling of Dr. Ford’s letter opened a floodgate for this deluge of uncorroborated, unbelievable mud and the mudslide was cheered on and capitalized on at every turn by the far left that has been so eager to stop this nomination. Just politics? I don’t think so.”


McConnell sarcastically slammed Democrats for buying into “trivial” stories about Judge Kavanaugh, including the Washington Post‘s latest story about the judge allegedly throwing ice at a college bar.

“Get this. Judge Kavanaugh may have been accused of throwing some ice across a college bar in the mid-1980s. Talk about a bombshell. One can only imagine what new bombshell could be published today or tomorrow.”

McConnell concluded his speech, saying, “One thing is for sure. The Senate will vote on Judge Kavanaugh here, on this floor, this week.”

Clearly, Sen. McConnell is tired of the Democrats’ behavior during this confirmation process.