‘Enforcing Our Laws Wasn’t Immoral Back in 2006’: McConnell Flattens Dems for Wall Hysterics

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) flatted his Democratic colleagues who have been claiming that the border wall is “immoral” — despite having voted for one in 2006.

In 2006, the majority of Senate Democrats — including now-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) — voted for the Secure Fence Act to build a physical barrier on the southern border. Now, the U.S. government is rapidly approaching the three-week mark for a partial government shutdown due to a disagreement between the White House and Democratic leadership over wall funding.

As the rhetoric continues to climb on both sides, McConnell took the opportunity to slam Senate Democrats for flipping on border security, claiming that they are only opposed to the wall because President Donald Trump supports it.

Watch the video below:

“Maybe [Democrats] are dead set on opposing this particular president on any issue, for any reason, just for the sake of opposing him. Now, look, walls and barriers are not immoral. How silly? Enforcing our laws wasn’t immoral back in 2006 when then-Sen. [Hillary] Clinton and then-Sen. [Barack] Obama and our friend, the Democratic leader [Schumer], were proud to vote for physical barriers. The only things that have changed between then and now are the political winds and, of course, the occupant of the White House.”

McConnell concluded his floor address by saying that “this is no newfound principled objection. It’s just political spite. A partisan tantrum being prioritized over the public interest.”

From the looks of things, Democrats and Republicans have a long way to go before they will find the common ground needed to reopen the government.

One side will have to give in and make the concession necessary for the appropriations bill to be signed. Trump doesn’t seem like he wants to fold. He said he would be “proud” to leave the government partially shut down for “years” if it means that the southern border would be secured.

Although it looks like McConnell pounced on Democrats from the floor of the Senate, that will not be the only public takedown Democrats are likely to face Tuesday. Trump will be addressing the nation in a televised broadcast from the Oval Office on Tuesday evening to make his case for the wall before the American people.

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Mitch, Mitch, Mitch. It’s not JUST about Trump. It’s also part of a long-con to get a new bloc of Dim voters (once they can finagle power and grant amnesty) while sucking up to their Lefty constituencies AND those Hispanics who vote, legally or otherwise.

In other words it’s still, has been, and remains about POWER.


Not true Ms Softa! Nancy Pelosi has stated publicly that she would donate $1 towards the wall, as she ignored the efforts of a triple amputee veteran to collect her buck. She played dumb (easy for her) rather than pay up. UpChuck Schiumet is following Pelosi like a lost puppy, after he gave a long diatribe about how it was necessary for national defense 10 years ago. How do you keep defending these liars?… Unless of course you’re one too!

Phyllis Softa

For those of you familiar with Newsmax, you know it is a “conservative” publication owned by Trump’s buddy & confidant Chris Ruddy. Interesting article published today on how the wall concept came about. https://www.newsmax.com/paulfdelespinasse/kremlin-miller-reagan-soviet/2019/01/08/id/897357/

Phyllis Softa

All Dems McConnell mentioned are still in support of FENCES. It was not called “The Secure WALL Act”! In addition to Mexico paying for “the wall,” Trump also repeatedly said his big beautiful wall would NOT be a fence. So, it is not a concrete wall, it is a FENCE & Mexico ISN’T paying. Can we NOW call it border security that the US taxpayers will support? END THE TRUMP SHUTDOWN, that he wants to call the TRUMP STRIKE. The Russians & Chinese must be getting a great laugh.


Can I hear an AMEN for brother Mitch!!??

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