McConnell Flattens House Dems for Refusing Bipartisan Border Bill: ‘The Resistance Does Not Pay the Bills’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) called out House Democrats for refusing a bipartisan border funding bill in favor of their own partisan legislation.

As IJR reported previously, the Senate passed a bipartisan bill that would provide much-needed humanitarian aid to the border. The bill soared through the Senate Appropriations Committee with a vote of 30-1.

The bipartisan bill could have been passed in the House to eventually be signed by President Donald Trump, but instead, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Democrats passed their own bill.

Trump had already announced that he would veto the Democrats’ bill on Monday night, leaving its passage in the House on Tuesday unremarkable. On Wednesday, the Senate voted against the House bill, leaving leaders in both chambers with two options: reconcile the two pieces of legislation until they can agree or embark on their July 4 recess, leaving agencies like Health and Human Services to enter a likely shutdown.

Prior to the vote in the Senate, McConnell called out House Democrats for refusing to pass the bipartisan Senate bill. The majority leader even made a jab at Democrats who champion themselves as “the resistance” to Trump. (0:56)

Watch McConnell’s remarks below:

“House Democrats have been consistently uncooperative and uninterested in anything except political posturing. They have talked endlessly about the suffering at the border but have resisted every effort to actually make a law and to get help on the way. For eight weeks now, the men and women and children on our southern border have learned the hard way that the resistance, the resistance does not pay the bills.”

McConnell noted that it wasn’t just Trump supporters who called for this humanitarian aid. Even the New York Times editorial board has pleaded with House Democrats to get more aid to the families at the border.

The majority leader called the House bill a “go-nowhere proposal” loaded with “poison-pill riders” that Trump highlighted as his main reasons for vowing to veto the bill.

“The Senate has a better and more bipartisan way forward,” McConnell said. “[…] It’s a productive compromise that would go a long way to begin to address the border crisis. No poison pills, just a clean bill to provide the emergency appropriations the White House requested.”

It remains to be seen if House Democrats and Senate leadership will be able to come together to pass the humanitarian aid needed at the border before breaking for their summer recess.

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Harold E. Pryor
Harold E. Pryor

Of Course the Dems should approve the Senate Bill.They DO NOT SUPPORT THIS COUNTRY! What they are doing is Treason


Hate is a powerful and debilitating emotion. And NO one hates like a Democrat. They have no shame or common sense

Greg Miller
Greg Miller

DemonKKKrats are much more interested in “beating” Trump than they are the “suffering asylum seekers” at the border. Their party’s callous indifference to the horrific murder of 63 MILLION American babies since Roe v. Wade is ample proof….


According to the vibe of the ‘B’ team Dumbo debate last night, McConnell is the Anti-Christ and the House will probably wallow in inaction out of spite, the common good be damned.

william jackson

Hypocritical D-RATs. Won’t fund immigration issues. Then blame Trump for immigration problems. HYPOCRITES!

Frank Turner

Demoncrats need to get off their butts and pass common sense legislationThe best thing would be to get rid of Nuncy pelotsi. She is a boil on the butt of humanity!!!





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