McConnell Slams Democrats’ Opposition to the Border Wall as Nothing More Than a ‘Marketing Decision’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) went on the offensive against his Democratic colleagues for their refusal to negotiate with President Donald Trump over a border security funding bill.

The partial government shutdown entered its fourth week, and the two sides are still struggling to come together on an appropriations bill for border security. Trump has offered to meet with Democrats to discuss his $5.7 billion request for a wall, but they’ve refused his invites, as IJR previously reported.

From the floor of the Senate, McConnell slammed Democrats for refusing to meet with the president and claimed that their newfound opposition to the wall is nothing but a marketing campaign for 2020.

Watch the video below:

“Supporting Israel? Not too interesting to my friends across the aisle. But picking a political fight with the president? Boy, they’re up for that one every day. This is the key to understanding this unusual moment, Mr. President [pro temp Chuck Grassley]. This is the central principle. Democrats have made a marketing decision to obstruct President Trump at all costs, even if it hurts substantive priorities they used to support. That’s why we’re in Day 26 of this partial government shutdown, with Democrats refusing to even show up and negotiate on funds for border security, which they used to brag about supporting.”

McConnell was particularly annoyed that Democrats are refusing to meet with the president and that they have been blocking any other legislation from being addressed, such as a bill that would prevent boycotts of Israel. They claim that they don’t want to address other legislation until the shutdown is over.

“Political obstruction is their top priority,” McConnell said. “Everything else follows from that.”

The two sides don’t seem to think they will have an agreement anytime soon. In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) asked the president to reschedule his State of the Union address because of the shutdown, meaning she foresees the shutdown lasting through January 29.

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