McConnell Declares That He Will ‘Not Be Intimidated’ Amid Threatening Protests Outside His Home

Mitch McConnell
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Following violent acts of protest outside of his home this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is putting his foot down that he will “not be intimidated” by the demonstrators.

A protest broke out outside of McConnell’s Kentucky home — where the lawmaker is recovering from a fractured shoulder — on Monday night as roughly 20 to 30 people shouted profane messages, going as far as someone yelling, “just stab the mother f*cker in the heart.”

The demonstrators were protesting McConnell’s stances on issues such as gun control, LGBTQ rights, and immigration reform.

McConnell’s campaign account on Twitter responded by posting the video footage of the protest, but the social media network was quick to temporarily lock the campaign’s account for not complying with its “violent threats policy.” This move by the networking service drew fury from Republicans as the Senate GOP declared that they’d stop advertising spending on Twitter “until further notice.”

However, the Senate majority leader isn’t backing down, as he told WHAS, a radio station in Kentucky, “I have a word for everybody who’s been in the front yard, and everybody who’s trying to get in my space: I will not be intimidated by you people. Not a chance.”

“Not a single thing you do is going to alter how I operate on behalf of my constituents and the country for whom I have a significant amount of responsibility,” he continued.

McConnell joked about his neighbors’ property value decreasing as they live next to him:

“I have plenty of security. I haven’t needed to abandon my house. …Hopefully they’ll behave themselves. I’ve said to my neighbors, ‘it probably isn’t good for property values living next to me.”

As IJR News reported, McConnell turned down a request from over 200 mayors for him to end the August recess and for the Senate to bring up House-approved bills on gun control for a vote.

“We’re going to have these bipartisan discussions and when we get back (from the recess), hopefully, be able to come together and actually pass something,” he said. “I want to make a law and not just see this kind of political sparring going on.”

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The Leftists are such phonies. The savages among them are especially dangerous. They want ‘peace’ about as much as the majority of people want an asteroid the size of the Moon to hit the Earth.





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