McDaniel Commends Trump for Releasing Memos, Adds: ‘It’s Time for Joe Biden to Be Transparent, Too’

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called on former Vice President Joe Biden to be as transparent with his dealings in Ukraine as President Donald Trump has been.

On Wednesday morning, President Trump released the transcripts of his calls with Ukrainian leadership. These calls have been the center of a controversy as Trump is accused of withholding military aid from the country unless they provided dirt on Biden.

Biden has been accused of withholding funds from Ukraine when he was vice president, in order to get a prosecutor fired who happened to be investigating his son, Hunter Biden.

While Trump’s actions are being debated, McDaniel commended the president for turning over the documents and making it available to the public. During an interview on Fox Business Network, McDaniel told host Maria Bartiromo that Biden should be required to provide the same level of transparency.

See McDaniel’s comments below:

“He’s on video bragging about [his negotiations with Ukraine]. So, we’re saying, you know, the president’s going be transparent. He’s releasing the transcript. Biden, why don’t you ask for your transcripts to be released of your conversations with Ukraine and China as your son was profiting off of your job as vice president, leveraging that influence? There’s no question he was doing that. He had no business making $3 million from a Ukrainian company when he knew nothing about Ukraine and natural gas.”

McDaniel tweeted out the clip of her interview with Bartiromo, adding, “[Trump] is being transparent by releasing his call transcript with Ukraine. Now it’s time for Joe Biden to be transparent, too. Biden should release his call transcripts China and Ukraine while his son was profiting off of his job as Vice President.”

For now, it is unclear what will come out of this story for Biden, though the transcripts make it clear that Trump wanted Attorney General Bill Barr to investigate the situation.

Biden is currently the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, but this could pose a problem for his candidacy.

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Phyllis Softa

How many times will R’s need the Bidens cleared of wrong doing? History indicates MANY clearances are required. A short form BC wan’t enough to prove Hawaiian birth–you needed the long form BC—-that wasn’t enough you needed his college grades. Trump finally admitted it was a hoax and poor James is still peddling the “Kenyan” tag and getting up votes from IJR readers. Vince Foster’s death was declared a suicide 6 times and Screw is still contending the Clintons kill folks. Benghazi conspiracies were disproved by 8 committees and Rep. Chaffetz boasted before the election, that they would continue. Uranium… Read more »


First off do we really need Biden’s permission to release his conversations? He was well compensated for his roll as VP and represented the US, any transcripts/conversations/tapes are property of the US govt., Either President Trump or another whistleblower should release those conversations. Secondly, as a private citizen, I hope Biden or his son repaid the US taxpayers for his trips and hotel and other expenses, since the son is not a part of the government or cabinet he is NOT entitled to free rides on AF2. Thirdly, where’s Obama? Ukraine made a call to him verifying that no loans… Read more »


VP Biden abused the power of his office by inserting himself into a family member’s corruption in a foreign Country. Trump merely spoke with his counterpart in that same Country; but needs to be impeached (for ?). When will Biden be investigated?





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