‘I Do Think It’s a Winning Issue’: RNC Chairwoman Thinks Trump Tough Talk With Immigrant Caravan Will Help GOP


As all eyes follow the caravan of immigrants heading north toward the United States, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel hopes that the issue will inspire voters to head to the polls for Republican candidates.

According to recent reports, the caravan of immigrants, that began in Honduras, now has as many as 7,000 individuals hoping to make it to the United States border to enter the country.

President Donald Trump has made it clear that he does not support the caravan, nor will he continue to send aid to the countries that failed to stop the migrants from leaving their country.

The president called out the leaders of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala on Twitter, calling the issue a national emergency.

In addition to blaming the leaders in Central America for failing to stop the caravan, Trump also placed blame at the feet of Democrats for refusing to fund the border wall and change immigration laws.

McDaniel echoed the call for midterm voters from Trump during an interview on Fox News.


“I do think it’s a winning issue and I think the president’s handling it perfectly to say to these countries, you know, ‘Please don’t send your migrants here. We’re giving you foreign aid. If you’re going to do this, we’re going to cut foreign aid.’ I mean we can’t have this influx of 5,000 people into our country. We are a great country, but we have to take care of the people who pay taxes. We have to do this in a safe way for American citizens and I think the president is being tough on this.”

McDaniel also explained that this caravan illustrates a distinction between Republicans and Democrats, especially when comparing the parties in regards to immigration policy.

Over the summer, several Democrats came out in support of abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and opening the borders.

“This is going to, in the long term, I think, help us in these elections,” said McDaniel.

House Republicans have put forward a bill to fully fund the southern border wall and plan to vote on the funding in the lame-duck session after the November 6 midterm elections.

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Tery Gohsman

And while everyone is worried about Trump’s “caravan” the GOP are taking social security and medicare away so they can cover their tax breaks for the wealthy with our money.

Phyllis Softa

Why would it not be a winning issue? Anti-immigrant was the first hook Trump employed in his campaign. He goes back to it as often as he can because it works so well on the “Mexico will pay for the wall” crowd. If 2 years ago you believed Mexico was going to pay for the wall, WHY would you not believe not supporting spending $10 billion taxpayer dollars on the wall means support of “open borders” ? When you set the bar low for Trump, he in turns sets the bar low for his supporters—

Chandra Kelly

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I have heard Huckabee and Perkins speak—I take their word for it that they believe they are Christians.–but they appear to practice a totally different version of Christianity than I was taught. Compassion, peace, tolerance, truth and kindness are not in their message.

I. Chin

This country already has enough freeloaders, we don’t need more who are not even citizens.

Duncan Hunter

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