‘I’m Not Concerned About Any of Them’: RNC Chair Mocks the ‘Socialists’ Running Against Trump in 2020

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel mocked the crowded field of 2020 Democrats running to take the White House away from President Donald Trump.

On Thursday night, President Trump and his leading competitor former Vice President Joe Biden will both be giving campaign speeches in New Hampshire.

Although Biden is the Democratic frontrunner, McDaniel said she’s not worried about the competing campaign rallies being in the same state.

During an interview on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom,” McDaniel said she can’t wait to compare the crowd sizes between Biden’s event and Trump’s.

Watch McDaniel’s speech:

“I’d love to see the crowd size at both rallies. I think President Trump’s going to have a lot more energy, a lot bigger crowd. The president gets to go to New Hampshire and say, ‘your unemployment is the lowest it’s been since the 1980s in New Hampshire. You’ve added more jobs. The economy is doing well under my presidency, and it’s time to put me over the top, reelect me and win New Hampshire this time.'”

In 2016, Trump lost New Hampshire by around a half of a percent. McDaniel told host Bill Hemmer that she’s confident Trump will win the state in 2020. She claimed she’s not worried about any of the Democratic candidates beating Trump.

“Oh, I’m not concerned about any of them as I watch them in their debates. […] They’re socialist, they are saying that government’s the answer to everything, and President Trump gets to run on, jobs [that] have come back, wages are up, unemployment record lows for Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, women. He has pushed our economy into full gear, and he is doing things that are making lives better for the American people. All Democrats can offer is more government control.”

Current polls show Biden with an average lead of 8.5% over President Trump, but the polls have been known to fail when it comes to Trump’s winnability.

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I don’t believe Joe was all that smart to begin with, but early-onset dementia may be WHY he was chosen to hold Obozo’s coat for eight years.


I find it absolutely astounding that so many supposedly “intelligent” human beings support a lying, gaffe loaded machine like Biden. Can”t be that he’s got less than two actual working brain cells, is stupid as a box of rocks or that he’s accomplished nothing in his 50+ years in politics. Has to be lockstep loyalty to the Socialist Party [like those whose noses are physically attached to Comrade Bernie’s derriere].


A factual comparison of crowds would be telling and amusing. I wonder how many show up at Biden’s rallies just to see which foot he sticks in his mouth next. If there were a way to prop him up I’d bet he’d try both feet.

To paraphrase Gropin’ Joe’s latest top 10:
“truth over facts”
“white kids are the best. Poor and minority kids should aim for that.”
“the Parkland kids reached out to me”





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