McDonald’s Manager Makes Over $10K By Selling Cocaine Along With Burgers, Fries, Police Say

A McDonald’s employee was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly sold cocaine to undercover officers who stopped by the fast food restaurant in New York.

The arrest was the result of an investigation called “Operation Off the Menu,” according to the Miami Herald.

“Guerrero’s conduct was so blatant, it would be comical if he weren’t committing a serious narcotics crime,” Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan told the New York Daily News. “Ordering coke took on an entirely different meaning on the night shift at this McDonald’s.”

Night manager Frank Guerrero had worked at the store location for eight years until a tip came in recently that led police to uncover his scheme.

Guerrero handed over bags of cocaine along with burgers, fries, and other items on the menu, prosecutors said. While not on shift, he stored the drugs on a bathroom soap dispenser.

By the time Guerrero was arrested, he had sold undercover agents nearly $10,900 in drugs. A subsequent raid of his house found 200 grams of cocaine and over $5,000 in cash.

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