Meadows Claims Russia Probe Was Waste of ‘Tens of Millions of Dollars’ to Chase a Democrat ‘Narrative’

During CNN’s “State of the Union,” Representative Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) spoke out about the Robert Mueller investigation, saying that millions of dollars had been wasted on a report he claimed was biased.

As IJR reported, the final results of the report on Russian collusion were sent to Attorney General William Barr. However, during the interview Meadows claimed that people should be talking about the issues with the investigation instead of the actual report itself.

“I don’t think the Mueller report should have been really something we’re discussing today,” said Meadows. “I don’t think there should have been a special prosecutor.”

The lawmaker also claimed that he has been consistently outspoken about the report and potential issues with those that pushed for the investigation to reveal collusion between President Donald Trump and the Russian government.


“I’ve been consistent with that since day one. We do know that there was bias at the Department of Justice early on,” Meadows said. “In fact, they were talking about a special prosecutor before James Comey was fired and yet here we are today some 22 months later, talking about something after spending tens of millions of dollars on a narrative that Democrats put forth.”

He also pointed out problems with some claiming the president was guilty without having any solid evidence to support their claims.

“They said that this president colluded with the Russians, some even went as far to say that he was an agent of Russia, which is just ludicrous, and yet here we are today trying to make sense of an investigation that happened 22 months into it. We need to go after the bad guys, which is Russia, and not the President of the United States.”

Although the report’s findings have not been released, Meadows said that the lack of any new indictments points to the investigation proving him right.

“You can’t have it both ways, I’ve been consistent in saying that this president didn’t collude, and now it appears that the facts will support that as well.”


  1. NOW, AG Barr should appoint a Special Counsel to finally expose the real culprits – Hillary and her band of merry colluding w/Russia criminals. Taxpayer money for the Mueller “investigation” (witch hunt) was a complete waste of money. The only thing it accomplished was to make a bunch of (D) lawyers more wealthy.

    1. BTW: AG Barr should not appoint ANY (D) lawyers to investigate crooked Hillary. The investigators should be ALL Republicans to be “fair”.

  2. I’m sure Vlad and the PRC are laughing over their victory. Now people will doubt the validity of our political process. Now the president will be harassed and compromised in action. Our tax dollars are enabling our own defeat, because the short-sighted deranged can’t see past their own butthurt.

  3. Taxpayer dollars blown on Leftist fantasies with no results. Meadow just summarized the entire Dim agenda.

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