Meadows Slams Democrats for Not Being ‘Serious About Reaching a Compromise’ Over Border Security Funding

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said on Sunday he couldn’t rule out another government shutdown given the refusal for compromising on border wall funding.

Although the U.S. government just ended the longest partial shutdown in its history, the agreement that ended the shutdown stipulated that a long term agreement must be signed by February 15 or the shutdown would resume.

Congress has been working to come to a long-term solution, but disputes over funding amounts and immigrant detention policies have slowed progress.

During an interview on “Face the Nation,” Meadows said the shutdown could resume because Democrats are “not being serious” about the negotiations.

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“Obviously, no one wants [another shutdown]. The president doesn’t want it. [White House chief of staff] Mick [Mulvaney] doesn’t want it. I don’t want it. At the same time, what we see in these negotiations going on, I don’t know that they’re real serious about reaching a compromise. I mean, they’ve met twice in almost two weeks.”

Meadows noted that he was disheartened by the fact that border security professionals presented before the conference and requested a wall as part of the security tools they would need, but Democrats still remain adamant about not giving money toward a physical barrier.

“How can you be serious about securing our border, if the very people that are experts on securing it say these are our top three priorities, we need money, and yet, they’re saying zero dollars for that?” questioned Meadows, adding, “I don’t understand that.”

Meadows explained that he believes the president will have a wall built even if Congress can’t come to an agreement — even if it means declaring a national emergency to use executive powers to build the wall.

“I do expect the president to take some kind of executive action, a national emergency is certainly a part of that,” said Meadows. “There are a few other things in his toolbox that he could use, but I will expect him to do that if we don’t reach a compromise.”

Although he showed little confidence in Congress’s ability to compromise, he didn’t seem worried about the border remaining open for too long.

“This president is going to build a wall one way or another,” said Meadows.

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