Media Flips out Over Trump’s Claim ‘Obama Didn’t Call Families of Fallen Soldiers’ — WaPo Does a Fact-Check…

President Donald Trump took some criticism for a claim he made during a Rose Garden speech on Monday — that he didn’t believe former President Barack Obama had made phone calls to the families of fallen soldiers.

Former Obama staffers weighed in:

And they were not the only ones triggered, either:

Trump, when pressed, walked the statement back slightly:

And that’s when The Washington Post did a fact-check…

From our perusal of news reports and news databases, we could not find any contemporaneous evidence that Obama spoke about such calls or that the White House announced he had called families.

The Post was quick to note that Obama had, on several occasions, met with the families of fallen soldiers — something that Trump has also done — and sent out letters.

While several members of the administration said they “recalled” such phone calls, no records were found. The Post did, however, find a record of one soldier, Sgt. Sean Collins:

Still, in early 2011, the family of one fallen soldier, Sgt. Sean Collins, told Fox News they had requested a call from Obama and were told his schedule was too packed for a conversation.


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