Media Obsess About Melania’s Shoes — But Look at What She’s Wearing When She Steps Off Plane in Texas

For some bizarre reason, a number of journalists and personalities were fascinated by First Lady Melania Trump’s outfit as she departed for Texas with President Donald Trump to visit victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Here are just some of the reactions, as previously reported by Independent Journal Review:

Photographers also took numerous close-up shots of the shoes. This was apparently worth its very own profile shot.

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

However, after all the mocking, the first lady emerged from Air Force One in a completely different outfit — one that she likely packed for when they touched down in flood-ravaged Texas.

Melania was seen wearing a white button-up shirt, black pants, and a black “FLOTUS” hat.


For those who seem to care so much, her shoes were flat when she arrived in Texas.

Here’s the proof:


The bigger point here: the first lady’s outfit shouldn’t matter at all during a crisis as serious as the one in Texas. But that didn’t stop it from dominating the conversation on social media. It was even a top trending topic on Twitter.

So far, at least nine people have died in the region as a result of Hurricane Harvey and the unprecedented flooding. That’s definitely where the focus of the president and first lady is right now.

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