The Media Is Hammering on With Their Trump-Bashing Despite the President’s Rise in Approval Rating

Despite the public warming up to President Donald Trump, the mainstream media’s onslaught against him has continued to be mostly negative during the first four months of this year.

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From mid-December to the end of April, the president’s approval rating saw a rise from 37 percent to 43 percent. During that same time, however, the media’s evaluative statements about him were 90 percent negative, according to a Media Research Center (MRC) study of all evening broadcast news coverage.

The findings nearly mirror those from a similar MRC study conducted last year, which found that 90 percent of the coverage of the President Trump’s first year in office was negative and just 10 percent positive. Unlike 2017, however, the public appears to be more satisfied with him.

The 1,065 network evening news stories about President Trump and top administration officials from January to April amounted to roughly one-third of all evening news airtime — compared to the measly 10 percent devoted to former President Barack Obama in 2015 and 2016.

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Of that coverage, 39 percent focused on the president’s scandals and controversies, with 45 percent focusing on policy issues, and the remaining coverage targeting controversies surrounding Trump officials.

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The Russia investigation received the most airtime, taking up 321 minutes, or nearly one-fifth of Trump-related news coverage. Meanwhile, the Stormy Daniels scandal and other allegations against the president involving women totaled to 92 minutes.

A whopping 97 percent of statements made on-air in regard to these topics were negative. 

When it came to policy matters, President Trump fared slightly better by earning 81 percent negative coverage amid intense scrutiny on immigration, Syria, and gun rights. Despite groundbreaking progress with North Korea, that topic still received 68 percent negative coverage.

However, the president received some praise for most of his economic agenda — including job growth, tax reform, deregulation, and infrastructure plans — and garnered 73 percent positive coverage.

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