Meghan McCain Wonders if Trump Really Wants Bipartisanship After His Latest Insult About Her Father

Meghan McCain was extremely outspoken about her criticism of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address due to comments he made about her father.  

During an episode of “The View,” McCain called Trump out for recent comments he made about those that have criticized him in the past.  

McCain said that while she was prepping her notes for the address, she got “a notice that President Trump had a meeting with the network heads, and he had called Sen. Chuck Schumer a ‘nasty son of a b***h’, Joe Biden ‘dumb,’ said some disparaging things once again of my father, who passed five and a half months ago.”

The talk show host focused on Trump’s calls for bipartisanship, saying that they were hypocritical due to his comments.  

“So for me, when he’s talking about ‘we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance politics, and retribution,’ you aren’t being bipartisan mere hours earlier, obsessing over people you consider your enemies,” McCain said.

Watch the video below:

She ended by criticizing what she saw as a pointless speech.  

“For me, it was a Kabuki theatre, virtue signal — the entire speech last night towards his base,” she said. “But please don’t sit here and tell me you are grasping for bipartisanship at this moment when Chuck Schumer’s a son of a b***h, and my father’s book, quote, ‘bombed,’ and Joe Biden is, quote, ‘dumb.'”

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Charles Patterson

She just doesn’t get it, does she? He spoke the truth.

Jeff Morie

Meghan, No one cares about you or your traitor dad!! Your where you need to be, with the group no one that’s an American, cares about. Trump didn’t lie about Chuck, and Nancy IS a idiot. You want to play with the pigs and act like one, you will be fed slop, and branded a pig. Stop leaning on your dad’s name and grow your own set of nuts. Maybe you might grow up to be something. Please don’t go back into films, that wasn’t your niche either.

Peter Hoover

When will this classless b***h stop yakking????? All she does is fall back on her fathers name. Good Lord, the man had a national mourning and funeral that lasted longer than any Pope. She needs to learn humility and acceptance: ATTENTION MEGHAN McCAIN…..YOUR FATHER IS DECEASED. HE IS GONE AND NOT EVERYBODY IS SAD ABOUT IT. QUIT SQAWKING, QUIT TALKING. MAYBE A NIGHT AT GOLDEN CORRAL’S BUFFET MIGHT HELP.

Laura Cherry

Why are you still on the air? Trump is Trump and you are bitter ugly hateful. Get a life.

Bill Bauer

Give it a rest Meghan. Your father did a lot of good things during his lifetime but near the end he let his hatred of Trump lead him to make some bad decisions. Specifically casting the deciding vote against revising Obamacare and doing it in a showboat fashion by standing in front of the Senate, giving a thumbs down gesture and announcing in a loud voice, “Make America great with this“, is a lasting image that isn’t going to go away and the country is less well off because of it.


Bipartisan doesn’t mean everyone sits in a circle, arm in arm, singing kumbaya with flower petals falling all around.

I expect congress to work together crafting bipartisan policy even when the opposing side is being mean. Its congress, not elementary school. Get over it.

James John

Truth hurts. She is just like her old man. Loyal to no one but herself.

Gary Sarka

Meg, do yourself a favor, get off the ‘VIEW”





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