McCain Defends Biden’s Ties to Segregationists, Says It’s Okay Because Obama Said Nice Things About Them Too

“The View” host Meghan McCain called on critics of former Vice President Joe Biden to cut back on their outrage about his friendly relationship with segregationists because President Barack Obama was friends with them too.

For the past several weeks, Biden has faced criticisms for his comments about working with segregationist Democratic Senators early in his career. The former vice president tried to make the case that he could work with anyone, but his nonchalance about his relationships with bigots rubbed many the wrong way.

Biden’s early refusal to apologize for his comments set the stage for his very public takedown by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) during the first round of presidential debates, where she discussed how his relationship with those senators hurt her and allowed for segregation to continue, especially Biden’s opposition to forced bussing.

On Sunday, Biden finally broke down and apologized for bragging about his relationship with the racist senators. Though Biden made the apology, McCain made the argument that he shouldn’t have felt obligated to apologize for having a working relationship with the segregationists.

She argued that Obama was also complimentary of some segregationist senators, including Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.V.).

Watch McCain’s comments:

“You’re talking about Senator Robert Byrd, who was a Democratic senator, who used to be a Kleagle in the Klan. Which, by the way, Obama also spoke and eulogized him. Obama called him, quote, a true champion. Biden said he was one of his mentors. Both of these men eulogized him at his memorial service. So my problem with this is, hold President Obama to the same standard you’re holding Vice President Biden.”

McCain said she had a “huge problem” with those claiming these comments somehow provided evidence that Biden was a racist.

“Again, if we’re talking about Robert Byrd’s eulogy, [Obama] called him a ‘true champion,’ McCain noted.

According to reports, the McCain family is backing Biden in his 2020 presidential bid against President Donald Trump, who has been a longtime critic of their patriarch former Sen. John McCain (D-Ariz.).

“The View” host also defended Biden during one of his previous campaign scandals, tweeting that he was a “truly decent and compassionate” man during the height of his inappropriate touching scandal.

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James I see Phyllis is full of question again. That is the usual for her posts. To mention Clinton and Benghazi and appear to revel in the non outcome is pathetic. But she admittedly is a Democrat after all.


Just in case reply still isn’t working…..
Phyllis Softa Cherl
President Trump will be devastated when he finds out that he lost your vote. Sadly all Democrats seem to have one goal. And that is harassment of anything and anyone Trump.


We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out. Radio report today (7/8/19) revealed Biden and his son – Hunter – are now under investigation for their Ukraine and China deals. This will not end nicely for either of them regardless of the support McCain vows to give the Creep.

Biden could be #2 getting out of the clown car behind Swalwell. Would somebody please help the old man?


I see what she’s up to.

Despite being the scion of a traitorous RINO who’s brain ate itself, she’s playing along as a Gropin’ Flailin’ Joe supporter. HER recommendation is going to push support away from him, because sooooo many Dim womyn tune into The Spew.





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