Meghan McCain Responds To White House Cover-Up of USS McCain | The View

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General Confusion

Nothing that King Donald The Loser does or says or denies can confuse me enough to ever vote for him. He couldn’t before and he certainly can’t now. If Meghan is deeply conservative but has all of these continuous attacks on her father from King Donald The Loser, who can she vote for to be president if the King is still on the ballot in 2020? That had got to be confusing! I prayed that enough of the military wouldn’t vote for him last time, that he would fail to get elected, but that wasn’t enough. A few of us… Read more »


Your handle “General Confusion” is very appropriate, if I must say! Let me guess, BHO was your messiah and you think Hillary would have done a much better job as POTUS! Well guess what, your about to learn the truth about the Democrat Party, how dirty they are and how much you and every other civilian in this country is worth to them. They are PARTY FIRST and you an I mean NOTHING to them. They are sore losers andare only in it for the power. Watch and learn young man as you are going to have FACTS (instead of… Read more »

General Confusion

Thanks, Brad.

You are confused about corrupt politicians, though. I don’t condone any of them – esp the ones that you mentioned, but don’t forget the corrupted Republicans, either. They taught the Democrats leadership how to ramp up their corruption game. There are at least a few Democrats that aren’t corrupt, fortunately.

Watch what happens in the next primaries. See how many more uncorrupted ones get added to the current group. It will be a slow but steady growth.


Thanks for the confused diatribe.

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