Meghan McCain Shared Samantha Bee’s Stance on Ivanka’s Immigration Silence — But with a Distinction

Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend or disturb some readers.

ABC’s “The View” co-host Meghan McCain expressed a similar sentiment about senior adviser Ivanka Trump as comedian Samantha Bee, however, she did so without the added name-calling. 

On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” the topic of immigration was raised, specifically about families who are being separated after crossing the border. 

McCain shared with her fellow co-hosts that while she was listening to the audio of the children crying that was recently released, she thought about Ivanka. 

“Where is Ivanka in all of this?” “The View” co-host wondered. “She’s all for women and mothers and she has a White House role and a job.” 

McCain added that she’s “interested that her whole platform has been women and mothers and she doesn’t seem to have anything to say about this.” 

Watch the video below.

Weeks earlier, Bee criticized Ivanka who “works at the White House,” for posting a photo with her son while other children were separated from their mothers. 

While both Bee and McCain’s central sentiment was that Ivanka should not remain silent, the difference was in how they both delivered the opinion. 

Bee, who, in fairness, is a comedian hosting a late night show, and not a daytime roundtable discussion like McCain, called Ivanka a “feckless c**t” and the backlash of the name-calling largely dominated the conversation.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The Daily Beast writer Matt Wilstein pointed out the difference and McCain noted the power of not using “obscenities and vulgarity.” 

“Amazing the point you can make when you don’t debase yourself by name calling with obscenities and vulgarity,” she commented on Twitter. 

However, not everyone agreed with McCain’s way of communicating and former IBM Chief Creative Officer Joanna Peña-Bickley told her to not be “so sanctimonious.” 

“Just walk the talk and march with us hand in hand,” she tweeted. 

In response, McCain told her that she doesn’t “like to tell other women what to do, how to do it or when to do it.” 

During Tuesday’s segment, McCain also shared with her co-hosts that there are a lot of Republicans who are pushing back on separating families, specifically Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). 

She said his proposed emergency bill would “mandate that illegal immigrant families be kept together unless they’re aggravated criminal conduct.” 

According to McCain, his bill would also authorize new shelters and expedite resolutions for asylum claims. 

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