McCain Shuts Down Castro’s Claim That Democrats Wanting Open Borders Is a ‘Right-Wing Talking Point’


Co-host of “The View” and late Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) daughter Meghan McCain shut down 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate and former HUD Secretary Julián Castro’s (D) claim that the idea of the Democrats wanting “open borders” was a “right-wing talking point.”

During an interview on “The View,” McCain pressed Castro on his plan to “decriminalize” illegal immigration, asking if the plan meant that the former HUD secretary was calling for “open borders” and how he would “enforce” laws if “there are no repercussions.”

Castro responded by saying that there “would be repercussions” and that those “still in the court system” would still be “subject to be deported” before claiming that the idea that Democrats back “open borders” was a “right-wing talking point.”

Watch the video here:

McCain fired back immediately, saying that she did not believe it was “a right-wing talking point” and that if Castro wanted to beat President Donald Trump in the general presidential election, he would have to convince those like herself who are “skeptical” of the idea of decriminalizing illegal immigration.

“I don’t think it’s a right-wing talking point when you’re saying someone who is doing something illegal that there shouldn’t be ramifications,” said McCain. “Which, at a certain point — if you become a general election candidate against Trump — you’re going to have to win over people like me who are skeptical of this.”

Castro seemed a bit flustered at McCain’s response, going on to claim that the U.S. can “maintain a secure border” while still subjecting people to “the law” and that he did not believe that the country should “criminalize desperation.”

The former HUD secretary’s comments came the day after he appeared on stage in the first round of the Democratic presidential primary debates.

As IJR Red previously reported, Castro’s immigration plan was lambasted by former ICE Director Tom Homan on Thursday, who called the former HUD secretary’s proposal a “foolish policy.”

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If Dumbocrat desperation was criminalized they’d all be in the slammer.





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